KB0020 – Sending workflow log to Promenta

If you experience unexpected issues with the workflow Promenta may ask you to send them the workflow log for diagnostic support

This KB explains how to get the workflow log in the correct format.

NOTE : If you have been asked to send the “Webflow log” – that is a different process as described here

Step 1 : Access the Workflow log

You can access the log from the Promenta Webflow Analyser. You can also get to it from most SAP workflow transactions and the SAP Business Workflow SBWP.

Promenta Analyser

SAP transactions – eg SBWP

Step 2 : print the list

When you have opened the workflow log select the Print-as-list option. This will not print to a printer but instead give a single more technical view of the log

Alternatively you may need to select Log –> print –> All if you have a different view of the log active

Step 3 : Download the list

IMPORTANT NOTE: Select “HTML format” file in the popup and save to your desktop

Step 3B – get workflow errors

If the workflow has gone into error (status Error) then you should also send the errors.

Click the red Error text below

Send the messages from the popup

Step 4 : Send to Promenta

Email all requested information to support@promenta.com

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