KB0021 – Changing Webflow FormIndex

It is sometimes necessary to reset or change the Promenta Webflow FormIndex – current value.
This may be due to a system copy or other landscape changes
Note that Webflow FormIndex is not transportable and must be changed directly in the system

Warning : Failure to perform prerequisite checks can result in data loss , data corruption and system problems and this is not covered by Promenta support agreement.


The aim of the prerequisite checks is to ensure that the proposed new current value will not give numbers that have already been used by the current system.

Check table /PROMENTA/TT050 for existing requests that have already been created and ensure that the new current number does not already exist.

Also check if there are formindexes that are a higher numeric value than the new proposed current value as eventually you would experience data loss/corruption when the current number reaches these formindexes.


These activities are performed directly in the system

Transaction code SNUM

1) Enter object 

Enter object ZPMT000002 into start screen of SNUM

2) Select Change Interval button

3) Go to Menu –> Change current number

4) Enter new current number and save


New Webflow requests will continue from this new number

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