KB0022 – Retrieve deactivated variants

New functionality and features are being added to Promenta solutions on a regular basis in response to customer requests.

Occasionally a change to a report may mean that your existing report variants are no longer valid – this could be due to additional selection parameters or a change to parameters. In this case SAP will deactivate the variants and they will “disappear” from the report


If the variant has too many significant differences to the new available functionality then it may not be recoverable. In this case the variant must be recreated.

If a variant is reactivated it MUST be checked as it WILL have some differences

Reactivating a variant

1) Transaction code SA38

Enter the program/report name. (This is NOT the transaction code. The program name can be found from the transaction from SE93. )

2) In the Menu choose : Goto -> Variants

Then choose Adjust from the menu

3) In the next screen – select Execute

4) Deactivated variants will be restored where possible

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