KB0024 – Support for SAP versions

Promenta solutions use the technologies listed below which provided by SAP.

  • SAP ABAP stack
  • SAP ECC6
  • SAP BSP engine
  • SAP
  • NetWeaver portal
  • SAP Connect (email sending)

Which SAP versions do you support

Promenta support the current versions of all of the listed technologies that are in main-level support (ie not technologies that are in Extended support from SAP). Please note that to resolve a version incompatibility issue you may need to upgrade your Promenta version.

Due to significate changes in some core functionality of SAP you must have the correct version of Promenta for your landscape. Contractual terms may apply.

SAP VersionPromenta Master versionPromenta Master Version (after SP40)
SAP ECC5 1.5
** no longer supported as ECC5 is no longer supported
(all EHP levels that are in mainstream support)
CRM 7/ SRM71.66
S4Hana [1809 and above]1.77

Promenta Version Numbering

After Promenta SP40 (Jan 2024) we will be using a new technical versioning format which is more industry standard. Please note that this is the technical component numbering and may not related directly to your contractually supported version number.

Format will be N1.N2.N3.N4.N5

  • N1 = Master version
  • N2=SP level
  • N3=SP Patch level
  • N4= SP Hotfix
  • N5=File version (normally zero)

Example : 1.6 SP40-2HF2 will go to

How to find your Promenta Version

To find the current Promenta version depends on how recent your version is.

Recent versions (after SP28 01/06/2020) : 

Open the analyser transaction /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR –> execute to get to the results page. The results are irrelevant.

Click the “Show version” button

Older versions (before SP28 01/06/2020) :

You will need to review the last deployed Promenta transports in STMS or SE09. This is normally a BASIS activity. Send the list to Promenta and we will confirm version.

Which browser versions do you support

Promenta support all versions of all browsers that are supported by your own SAP landscape

How to check what is supported

Please access the SAP Product Availability Matrix and check if the browser you are using is compatible with your SAP versions

Internet Explorer 11 : End-of-life

Microsoft has announced that in June 2022 Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported via mainstream support [ click here for more information – Microsoft website].

Promenta customers can continue to use Promenta solutions using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome without issue as long as your SAP system has all necessary SAP BASIS patches to support the browser of your choice – see above on how to check. 

You may need to also apply the latest version of Promenta in some situations – please check with Promenta.

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