KB0025 – Delete stale locks

Promenta uses the SAP locking mechanism to prevent concurrent access to a workflow request that is being processed. This is the same mechanism that SAP uses to prevent concurrent access to master data.
You will have seen the familiar message “User XXXX is currently editing this record” or “User XXX is currently blocking this record”.

The locking mechanism is controlled by Transaction SM12

Note : Since SP34-6 you can delete SM12 locks directly from the Analyser transaction (if authorized) and therefor you no longer need to use SM12.



Stale Locks

Stale locks are record locks (for example a vendor lock) that remains in place after the user has exited and so prevents other users from accessing a master data record. In SAP this can occur if network issues happen or you have a SAPGui crash.

Promenta Locks

Promenta locks the request (formindex) in transaction SM12 for table /PROMENTA/TT050

Normally these locks are removed automatically when a workflow action occurs (approve/reject/submit) or when the user exits the request.

Sometimes these locks can remain if the browser has not informed SAP that the user has exited.

Remove a stale lock

Transaction SM12

Clear the user field – or enter the user id of the user who is locking he request

For the list – find the lock that is stale and delete it.

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