KB0030 – Promenta Business Partner Simulation on S/4HANA

As standard Promenta will automatically use an external number range for transactional simulation (i.e. BP/Vendor/Customer validation) where the following external number naming convention is allowed PMNTA_NNN (where “NNN” is any number). The external number range must also be linked to a Business Partner Grouping (BU_GROUP).

You will encounter an error message in these two scenarios:

  1. Where an external number range cannot be found which accommodates the external number naming convention of “PMNTA_NNN”. The error message will be as follow: “Simulation number PMNTA_001 does not fit into any external number ranges”
  2. Where an appropriate external number range is found, but is not linked to a Business Partner Grouping. The error message will be as follow: “Simulation number PMNTA_001 is with number range ‘XX’ but is not linked to any groupings”

If there are no existing external number ranges available which Promenta can automatically use then the following minimum configuration is required in the customer’s SAP system to enable Promenta transactional simulation (i.e. BP/Vendor/Customer validation):

a) create a vendor or customer number range as follows:

– No.      -> PS  (‘P’ stands for Promenta and ‘S’ stands for Simulation)

– From   -> PMNTA_001

– To        -> PMNTA_999

b) create a dummy BU_GROUP Grouping with ID YZYP (description “Promenta Simulation) and link it to the number range created in step a) in table V_TB001

Note that different configuration IDs for the number range (PS) and BU_GROUP (YZYP) can be used if required.

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