KB0031 – System refreshes

Customers refresh their non-production systems on a regular basis to keep the systems aligned. 

Following a system refresh a customer may experience difficulties with Promenta.

Please note : Promenta software is not in error and so customers can not raise defects/support incidents. The issues are almost always caused by local settings. Promenta may charge consultancy fees to help resolve issues caused by refreshes.

What to check

If Promenta is not working as it did before the refresh, there can be multiple causes. A systematic approach is needed to resolve the issues. It is advised that a “runbook” is created so that when the next refresh is carried out the same issues do not reoccur.

Every system landscape is different so the items listed below may not apply in all cases.

If in doubt – review all steps of the install guide and then check any specific/custom configuration

RFCS Destinations

Ensure all RFCs used by Promenta are pointing to the correct system. If you copied Production then the RFCs could still be pointing back to Production from your new environment.

RFC users

Ensure the RFC users are still present, have correct roles and valid passwords

SICF services

Ensure all SICF services are active. The install guide contains the master list

URL settings

If using the SAP portal or if using a SAP Web Dispatcher you may have configured a static url. See here for more information

Number ranges

Sometimes number ranges get transport or reset such that the “current number” is not higher than the last used number.

Check SNUM for the Promenta objects (ZPMT000001 and ZPMT000002) and ensure that the current number is higher than the last used number in table /PROMENTA/TT050 , field FORMINDEX

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