KB0033 : Support system transition 2024

Last Update : 22nd Jan 2024

Promenta will be transitioning from our legacy support system to a new system during 2024

Please review the information below to avoid confusion. 

This page will be updated regularly as the transition progresses.

Why are we changing our system

Promenta’s support system has worked well for many years but it is now entering end-of-life. 

The existing support system does not work well on mobile devices. It also does not support some of the newer web 2.0 technologies.

Currently the delivery process involves splitting information across multiple channels (email, word docs and web pages). The legacy delivery note was aimed solely at the SAP Basis team to enable them to deploy the SAP transports. This means that the project teams need separate documents to detail the steps and information that they may need.

What will be gained from the new system

The main aims of the new system/process :

Single delivery note which brings together all the information for deployment of a patch by both basis teams and the project team.

Support web 2.0 and mobile devise access

Enable future new functionality and supportability

Direct file downloads

Ensure simple user interface with the minimum of steps needed to download patches or create support tickets

Delivery Note changes

The new delivery note is split into sections each of which is labelled either :

  • BASIS : relevant to SAP Basis team
  • PROJECT : relevant to project team

Other sections may be added or removed as required to ensure clarity

Transition Plan

Phase 0 : Installation, configuration and testing of new support system [COMPLETED]

Phase 1 : New delivery note format with all information for all teams [COMPLETED]

Phase 2 : New support system goes live  [COMPLETED]

Phase 3 : Only new customers begin to use new system. Existing customers remain on legacy system (with new delivery notes) [COMPLETED]

Phase 4 : Migrate existing customers – this will be done in batches and you will be informed when you are on the new system

Phase 5 : Lock down legacy system for changes – but keep accessible

Phase 6 : retire legacy system

Current Phase : Phase 4

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