KB0036 – Transaction “This function not possible”

You are attempting to run a Promenta transaction and receive the message “This function is not possible”.

You are entering the transaction – for example  Promenta Analyser /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR in the “transaction box”

The example below shows this error scenario


There are several solutions possible :

1] Modify the transaction to prefix with /n .  For example /n/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR  . See image below.

2] Insert the transaction into your favourites menu

3] Add the transaction to your role menu


This is standard SAP behaviour because the first character of “/” is a special character in SAP. For example you can run /o to open a new SAPGUI session or /n to switch transaction.

SAP allow partners such as Promenta to use a reserved namespace – for example /PROMENTA/  – for transaction codes.

This means transaction codes such as /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR start with the special character /. Hence when used SAPGUI is not able to interpret the full transaction code.

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