Release notes

These release notes contain the publicly available information on fixes and enhancements for Promenta solutions. This list is provided as a help document to customers and should not be considered a complete list of every change.
Changes that are commercially sensitive or related to security may not be listed.
Minor changes may not be listed
Promenta reserves the right to omit items from this list at its discretion.

Contractual terms always override any information and statements in these release notes. 

Promenta versions

Please see here for description of Promenta versions

Where applicable bugfixes are included in Promenta 1.6 and 1.7. Solution changes to take into account different SAP software functionality (ECC6 or S4Hana) may not be included.

Webflow : Release date 08/03/2024

Process report : Timezone
Fix issue where aging is incorrect due to different system timezones and UCT timezones – mostly with parallel approval ageing
Analyser report : Timezone
Show system timezone on report
FIXCORE : InternalINTERNAL : Prevent empty script insert by /PROMENTA/WFBSP_UI /HANDLE_DIALOG
FIXCORE : Dataflow : dump due to variable lengthFix issue whereby variable length of field names were too short causing dump.
clean-up job not picking up all forms
Fix issue where temporary dataflows were not removed. This only happens when user opens dataflow first screen and then exits without any more interaction.
Configure STANDARD to invoke fix
FIXCORE : Document manager : hide rowHide row was not making the row completely hidden
“unknown” value
Fix where numeric values with dropdowns showed “unknown value” in the listbox when value is zero.
EnhancementCORE : Decision tree : ComparisonInternal use only
Decision trees can now be compared for changes. Versioning occurs in Promenta systems only.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cost Centre : hierarchyCost centre hierarchy update along side new cost centre creation can fail in environments with multiple app servers due to SAP table buffering. A fix is in place to force additional commits however Promenta cannot control SAP buffering in all cases.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – all solutions : RejectionRejection reasons listbox now available to give pre-configured reasons for rejection. This can help with reporting. Also the rejection box is now a popup.
EnhancementCore : Red theme available. Used mainly in /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW for objectlink screens – the new red theme is used. Customers may use the red theme for their main theme if required
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Profit centreAdditional fields available for profit centre master data solution
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – all solutions : Various1) Enable document templates held in the Document Manager to be made directly available in dataflow screens
2) Enable fields to be moved on the screens per user type/user group.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 : Journals : Post-before-approval1) Enable post-before-approval and post-midway scenarios
2) Enable auto-reversing in the case of rejection
3) Some restructure of code
EnhancementsExcel Add-in : Additional processesEnable other processes to use the add-in to send-to-workflow. For example vendor request forms.

Webflow : Release date 12/01/2024

Process report : Parallel approval
Calculate current aging of approvals for parallel approval. This is calculated as the time from the start of the parallel branches to now (if there are still unapproved items)
Process report : Max rows
Warn if the user exceeds maximum rows
FIXCORE : /PROMENTA/DEC_TREEV3 : usabilityAdd node path to detail screens
Approver nodes exclude Dynamic variables
Screen layout aligned
FIXSecurityRemove RFC capability from some FMs where it is not needed
EnhancementCORE : status change eventEnable user exit to be triggered when a process status change occurs
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – WBS/Project : New processNew WBS/Project process with automatic Asset-under-construction creation and budgeting delivered. See Product documentation
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor/Customer : email removalResolve issue where emails are removed when the fields are not on the screen (eg in block process)
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – core : avoid duplicatesIn some processes (eg customer/vendor) when user searches for existing vendor/customer they may not find any due to their authorisations at company / purchase org level. The user may then proceed to create a duplicate vendor/customer. If this function is activated (default OFF) then the system can read the existing data to avoid duplicates
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – core : workflowEnable dynamic variable replacement in core workflow evaluation
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – Journal : rejectionEnable rejection reason list box which is configurable per customer. Currently only available for reporting
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – Journal : Approval overrideSort the approver override listboxes
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 – GLSU journal : multiple docsSuppress approval amount when multiple documents involved
EnhancementExcel Addin : version contains the following updates :
– minimum version checking
EnhancementExcel Addin : version contains the following updates :
– minimum version checking
– Current status of a request shown in sheet
– preparation for expanded use (vendor forms etc)
– Addin is renamed Promenta_webflow

Webflow 1.6 SP40-2 : Release date 17/11/2023

EnhancementCore : logging1) User logon to Promenta request now logged.
2) DF : log the used decision tree
EnhancementCore : /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR
Analyser report : Log view
Log viewer now has refresh option
Analyser report : History
Fix bug when workflow has been deleted/archived – caused excessive data selection
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: Sanity date checkSanity check on dates that are uploaded as text. Ensure they are later than year 2000.
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Journals: Sanity date checkSanity check on dates that are uploaded as text. Ensure they are later than year 2000.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Core : Override approversIf approval skipping is active then workflow may not complete after posting IF the requester overrode the approvers and a level will be skipped due to previous approval. Now fixed to ignore skipped approvals
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vend/Cust : Contact deletionFix issue where deleted contacts were not actually deleted
FIXCore : Workflow : ParallelEnable email reminders for parallel approval items.
FIXDun&Bradstreet interface 1) Prevent ABAP error if logon error occurs to D&B system
2) Prevent AVAP error if invalid D&B number is used in enrichment – instead just skip.
FIXEXCEL ADDIN : Edge 119Microsoft Edge 119 contained incompatible updates with previous EdgeDriver versions. Fixes :
1) Update window handling when MS sync popups occur
2) Update autodownloader such that it will now always download latest webdriver. The “release-1” approach will no longer be supported

Webflow 1.6 SP40-1 : Release date 13/10/2023

FIXCore : Session logoff error with “show messages again”If user sees an error or info message in Promenta and clicks the “show again” button and then closes the browser then the logoff fails to occur.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor/Customer email deletionResolve issue where vendor or customer emails (ADR6) are not deleted when deletion request approved.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor/Customer – Contacts email notesPrevent loss of contacts email notes (remarks) when updates occur even if no changes to contact data was made
FIX/PROMENTA/MM MAT_V1 – reenableMM class MATV1 reenabled
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: AuthorisationsAll users must have Journal access to run journal functions (including service users). This check is now enforced.
Analyser display report : current users
Fix issue where current users reports (parallel and sequential versions) were not allowing access due to incorrect authorisation check. Now display access only is required.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cos Centre -hierarchy updateAdd additional buffer refreshes and logging to Cost Centre solution when new hierarchy nodes are added.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: Auth check messageRaise error to user in case of authorisation error due to missing Promenta access. All users must have journal access (including RFC/service users)
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: Workflow error messageAdditional information is now shown to the user when the workflow fails to find all approvers
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Journals: Workflow error messageAdditional information is now shown to the user when the workflow fails to find all approvers
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – core : Workflow error messageAdditional information is now shown to the user when the workflow fails to find all approvers
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Invoice entry Invoice Entry solution (invoice verification) released. The solution creates parked invoices (PO/GR/IR) which are then approved via workflow.

NOTE : This solution may lead to syntax error in object /PROMENTA/DF_MIR7 related to T_MRMRSEG. This is due to your SAP EHP level. This syntax error has no impact if you are not using this solution.
A fix will be available in a later patch.

Webflow 1.6 SP40 : Release date 31/08/2023

FIXCORE : Framework issues– Issue with tableview1 renderer using Design2008 fixed
– Time entry format introduced – only for Theme T2
– Fix issue with logoff logging. The log-off event was not being recorded properly. This did not affect the actual logoff.
EnhancementCore : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP
Process report : timestamps
new checkbox to enable the calculation of approval aging to be switched OFF. For use where legal requirements dictate (eg works council rules)
FIXCore : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REPFix missing timestamp for submit when auto-approve is used
Clean up job
No longer allows delete of completed items to ensure data retention rules followed. If users wish to removed old completed items they should contact Promenta.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : WorkflowFor workflow routing : Ensure journals with value less than 0.5 are never rounded down. Always round up to 1. There is no impact on posted values.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: SPS17to SPS20Errors resolved after upgrade to SPS20 (EHP8 ).
Also note SAP Note 3319977 must be applied to avoid BDC error in direct tax entry.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals: Attachment notesFix issue with not attachments cased by error in SP39.
EnhancementExcel Add-in: FormulasVersion 3.0.9.NN. If user has inadvertently deactivated calculations in formulas then invalid values can be submitted that cannot be seen by the user. This scenario is now detected and an error shown preventing submission.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – core
Parallel approval
Parallel approval is now supported for Dataflow-based Solution. This can speed up overall approval times for large approval chains.
EnhancementCoreKeep-alive now enabled for Promenta portal (/PROMENTA/PORTAL) and Promenta Inbox (/PROMENTA/DASHBOARD2).
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – process triggerEnable trigger of secondary / supplementary process from a Dataflow-based process. for example : trigger request for new bank account from a vendor/customer request.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – vendor/supplier uploadEnable upload of an excel-based data capture form supplied from a supplier/vendor directly into the supplier/vendor process.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – vendor/supplier upload : Excel integrationAs above – allow upload directly from excel using the Promenta Add-in
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – My AnnouncementsMy Announcements now added by default to main entry screen. See here for more information on usage.

Webflow 1.6 SP39 : Release date 16/06/2023

CLEANUPObsolete codeMany functions and reports that are no longer used or supported are made obsolete. Please see the link here :
EnhancementCore : ListboxesPossibility to group listbox values together using html <OPTGROUP>
Clean up job
1) Extra option to show formindex of items that will be skipped. This is useful in testing but will produce larger spool reports in Production.
2) Cleanup job will no longer remove audit even for deleted/temp items. This will result in a  small amount of retained data.
3) Cleanup job – ARCHIVE option no longer supported.
FIXCore : Decision tree
Resolve issue with deletion transports not always removing all data in target system. Now wildcard (*) is included in transport
EnhancementCore : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP
Process report for data extraction
If using report as data extractor the server export location must now be configured as a logical file path. This is a security measure to prevent directory transversal. See here for more information
EnhancementCore : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP
Process report
Show historic rejection count and last rejection user/timestamp
FIXCore and solutionsAdd missing authorisation checks on report start, RFC calls and transaction calls .
EnhancementCore : /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR
Analyser report
Additional logging added when deletion or set-to-error functions are used for audit purposes.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – SD Pricing (Customer)Old SD pricing (Customer conditions) moved to Dataflow framework. General release for customers allowed and old versions are on legacy support only.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – MM Pricing (Vendor)Old MM pricing (Vendor PIR and condition records) moved to Dataflow framework. General release for customers allowed and old versions are on legacy support only.

Webflow 1.6 SP38-2 : Release date 02/05/2023

FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : FBB1 TaxAllow posting of values to tax GL accounts that are set as “post automatically only”. This is allowed in SAP and now in Promenta.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/EXCEL_INI : Addin ini fileUpdate the transaction so that additional features can be activated (enable post, enable autoupdate etc)
FIXCORE : session terminationFix issue with session not terminating when attachments are opened and then request form is closed immediately leaving open session.

See Knowledge Base KB0032 for more information and work-around
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor. Contacts email remarksResolve issue where contacts email remarks (remarks against email addresses not general remarks) were removed on save.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Approver overrideFix issue where approver override is active AND requester is also and approver AND the requester is the ONLY approver – this allowed submit. This caused error in workflow as requesters are automatically removed as approvers and so no approvers were remaining to route to.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_CO001 Cist assignment : enable new themeEnable new theme (T2) on Cost Assignment workflow
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – change log : long textsFix issue where change log shows “long text” entries even when no changes were made to long texts.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Add-in : textsFix issue where texts (GL account texts, compnay code texts etc) where not populated if the data was after 26th column (ie column AA)

Webflow 1.6 SP38-1 : Release date 10/03/2023

FIXCORE Process report (/PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP) : MessageFix incorrect authorisation message when user not authorised to execute the report
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Journal-Lite versionNew option for “Post-only” journal-lite solution. Integration with Excel Add-in to provide a Post button.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Poster idShow requester or approver id in posted journal – additional configuration needed
/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : SM35 sessions
Automatically transfer any error postings to SM35 for manual processing
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Add-in search : vendorCorrect searchhelp so that vendor search “Pick from SAP” button lists only vendors extended to the company code.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Add-in search : Bank typeCorrect searchhelp so that only bank partner types held on a vendor are shown
EnhancementCOREEnhance standard error message used for expired email links.

Webflow 1.6 SP38 : Release date 21/02/2023

FIXCORE : regression for ABAP700Fix syntax errors in code when installed on old ABAP releases (700) related to Pragma codes. This does not impact basis 740 and above.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : FX conversionFix issue with FX conversion for currencies that use local factor (TCURF) greater than 9999 – for example currency NGN.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Post period checkFix check of the open/closed posting period when a local ledger (ledger group) posting is being performed and the ledger defines a different posting period variant that is open when the header company code variant is closed.
INTERNALlicencing updatesNew licensing logic components – not active yet

Webflow 1.6 SP37-1 : Release date 10/02/2023

Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : Auths checksAdditional (option) checks now possible on process codes such that control over approver function or requester function is possible. Please see here for more information :
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : FB08 processIf a user selects a journal to be reversed that is an Intercompany journal then FB08 cannot fully reverse it. Now Promenta raises an error (optionally it can be configured as a warning)
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : FB08 processFix issue with displaying the selected document header data
EnhancementExcel Add-inUser can now use new buttons “Add field” and “remove field” to add fields to the template from the SAP system. Will be released shortly when Edge 110 is released.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 – GLSU : post errorFix issue where the evidence and other attachments were not attached to posted documents if a posting failure occurs. Now any documents that did get posted have all attachments attached and then process goes into error due the unposted documents that need manual intervention.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : SyntaxFix syntax error (OBJECT_LONG) in earlier versions of SAP (pre-EHP5) due to FM BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE not having parameter OBJECTKEYLONG_NEW

Webflow 1.6 SP37 : Release date 20/01/2023

EnhancementCoreSession Handling. The old session handling (page sw.htm) used SAP old-style <FRAMESET> tags to handle logoff and session cleardown. This technology is no obsolete in modern browsers. This technology is replaced with javascript/html beacon technology to manage logons.
The change should be transparent to users and no specific actions are necessary. Old email links to old request should continue to operate as there is a redirect mechanism in place.
EnhancementCoreTheme T2 introduced. The new theme will become mandatory for all users by mid 2024 (date may be revised). new customers will use T2 theme immediately. Fiori approvals will use the new theme immediately
Enhancements/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – ANM AnnouncementsUpdated announcements function. Enabling of stand-alone viewer. This will become default functionality of the Promenta portal
EnhancementCore – searchhelpsAll popup searchhelps will now use theme T2
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – VEND VendorFix update to Withholding tax data.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR – Analyser – show logShow-log download function now exports extra diagnostic data

Webflow 1.6 SP36 : Release date 18/11/2022

FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 JournalsResolve issue where the requester still has the request open after submission and then navigates the screens. This can reset the approval levels in some situations and cause more approvals
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : FioriAdd all items shown in the summary to the approval item in Fiori
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals : new user exitNew user exit to allow checking of custom, fields that are not part of BSEG
EnhancementExcel Add-in V3 3.0.5.NNN : EnhancementsEnable autoupdate of the Edge Webdriver when new version is issued
Show progress/activity popup when system is busy
Enable use of command-line option for silent/automated installs.
FIX /PROMENTA/DASHBOARD2 – InboxFix issue where technical settings not all shown if logged in French
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – BPAllow internal number assignment for multiple linked objects to resolve simulation error
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – BPOutput the linked objects in email templates
FIXCORE – XSSChange how mimes base url is determined to prevent theoretical XSS problem

Webflow 1.6 SP35-1 : Release date 28/10/2022

FIX/PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP – process reportShow approver as requester auto-approval (ie no workflow)
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP – process report : ExtractorProcess report now enables to download to a flat file for extracting data. Older extracting reports retired .
Retire/PROMENTA/WFRM_EXTRC – extractorUse Process report instead
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – GL Account Add missing user exit for mass process
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – GL AccountAutomatic detection of field GVTYP depending on SAP configuration and master data
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cost CentreAdd missing user exit for mass process
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – ALLSOD error occurred when the requester is approver AND request not saved before submit AND workflow level skipping is active
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – ALLMass update using mass selection file on spoke systems – file not passed and so cannot be read.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Cannot open rejected requests as requester.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 JournalsAdditional RFC logging (Promenta use only)
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Emails were blank if unsupported communication language used in SU01. Now default to English content in this scenario.
EnhancementFiori approvalsFiori Approvals now supported for Journals and all dataflow solutions. Additional maintenance agreement needed.

Webflow 1.6 SP35 : Release date 22/08/2022

EnhancementExcel Add-in V3 ( & ( Excel Add-in for Edge Driver for 102, 103
EnhancementTool for Excel Addin
New tool (in SAP) to generate Add-in INI file
EnhancementExcel Addin : DescriptionsEnable descriptions of master data to be imported into Excel (version onwards)
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – VAT dateEnable VAT Date to be supplied from Excel file BKPF-VATDATE
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – Tax entryError if multiple tax codes where vendor NOT first row in EHP7 and above
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – Tax entry Error if multiple tax codes where vendor NOT first row in EHP7 and above
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – Tax balanceTax balancing calculation updated – see Here for more information :
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – Tax balanceTax balancing calculation updated – see Here for more information :
RFC error due to * in exchange rates when tax entered due to note 3139261
RFC error due to * in exchange rates when tax entered due to note 3139261
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – incorrect duplicate checkPrevent change of completed request from inbox – only when GLSU duplicate check active
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – multi-doc totalsUpdated calculation routine to allow for multiple-docs via configuration based on settings in decision tree (global ->WF additional settings)
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – allUI changes :
Prepare for V2 layout
Enable tableview popups
Fixed buttonbar buttons
InternalMultipleVarious internal changes to make functions obsolete and/or increase security (codeTidy)

Webflow 1.6 SP34-7 : Release date 25/06/2022

FIXExcel Add-in V3 ( for flickering/flashing
Hide additional popups
MS Edge compatibility to 102
EnhancementExcel Add-in V3 ( onwardsDigitally sign the installer
Version file (internal)
FIXExcel Add-in / Business areaFix lookup on Business Area (BSEG-GSBER)
FIXJava WAS_IN_PORTAL aliasResolve issue where Portal Alias was being lost when multiple SAP backend servers in place.
Workflow User-Table Maintenance
Various changes :
1) Approval level field changes to 2-chars
2) User Id validation
3) User name display
INTERNALCORESuperuser Function [Promenta use only]
EnhancementEmail opt-outAbility for individual users to deactivate emails from Promenta. The setting is contained in each users Inbox –> Technical settings
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – ExternalEnable external posting from other Promenta solutions. Not released for use in customer programs.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Change logIncorrect log when more than 999 tableview entries.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Approver overridesWorkflow error can occur when approver-overrides are provided to include specific approvers who are then subsequently removed from the approval path. Now defaults back to team selection.
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals and /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU : Tax Resolve “no batch input error” when tax data was entered with vendor not on the first lineitem

Webflow 1.6 SP34-6 : Release date 06/05/2022

EnhancementCORE Scroll-to-topNew Scroll-to-Top button when page becomes longer than screen
FIXCORE LockingAll requests are now locked (SM12) on opening before submission to prevent parallel editing
EnhancementCORE searchhelpNew searchhelp compatible with Edge/Chrome etc
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_DOCS Template ManagerPrevent locking of screen in SM12 as shared amongst all users
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR – Analyser reportAdd column for SM12 locking so that it is easier for users to see the locks. Locks must still be removed via SM12
FIXCORE /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_04 Responsibility mass importExtend file path to allow longer entries
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Change logChange log can now be included in Dataflow emails via configuration of the email content
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Change logAdditional fields (tableviews only) were shown even if not changed.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Number formatNumber format issue resolved for fields connected to domain TSTRDURAG
Enhancements/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Technical changes– default header option in decision trees
– hide process code description if not set
– feature fields : defaulting and exceptions using base node
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core : Hub&spoke usersWhen using hub/spoke scenario with service user update and the real user is expired in the spoke system – make the screen display-only
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – File format Map format error where header label is missing caused no WSID to be assigned
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals and /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Journals : S4H 2020Resolve syntax error in journal simulation in S4/Hana 2020. This is caused by note 794969 [field GV_TAX_COUNTRY]
Also syntax error caused by note 3139261 [field GV_SUPPLIER_ACCOUNT ]
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journal : auto-approve workflow In autoapprove scenario there is no need for a workflow but system was starting a workflow in error
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journal : IntercompEnable Intercompany postings to be prevented via configuration
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journal : MultiDoc amountEnable workjflow approval amount to be calculated when multiple documents. See Journal Configuration section for more information
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journal : DescriptionWorkflow description to include company code and doc header text
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journal : request numberRequest number (formindex) added to the header section
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU Journal : request numberRequest number (formindex) added to the header section
EnhancementExcel Add-in V3Version 3 released featuring :
– Installer
– Webdriver executables
– onedrive/sharepoint compatibility

Webflow 1.6 SP34-5 : Release date 21/02/2022

Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW COREInternal use : Change log now comes with additional technical options
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cost CentreRaise error message to user when attempting to change cost centre hierarchy node when cost centre has multiple validity periods. See SAP note 2495740
FIX/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR – Analyser reportAnalyser History – show date/time of forwarding/adopt workflow actions in the system time zone instead of UTC
FIXCOREResolve issue with refreshing historic TT051 data
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW CORECheck and raise error messages if there is a language mis-match between calling and receiving user ids in Hub/Spoke scenario
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Vendor and CustomerAdditional functionality for linking vendor/customer records when crating multiple records in S4Hana. Applies to BP.

Webflow 1.6 SP34-4 : Release date 26/01/2022

FIX/Enhancement Title Description
FIXNW JAVA : PromentaPDF service 939[Risk : very low] log4j socket server class for vulnerability removed: (CVE-2019-17571)
FIX NW JAVA : Webflow wfBSP 939Update excel service styling
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor and CustomerResolve issue with deleting existing partner functions
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor and Customer Fix update of communication-email default address
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Customer Enable Thai Branch Add-In
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Customer Fix data read for VAT data on table KNAS
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – CoreResolve issue with storing currencies in user formats
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – CoreClear unnecessary data if DATASEL is not ALL
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Core Change log – correct for deletions handling
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Core Enable the processes to be sorted via configuration instead of alphabetically
FIX/PROMENTA/PRT – Promenta portal appSummary chart not excluding technical formids (/PROMENTA/PRT, /PROMENTA/DASHBAORD2 etc)
FIXAnalyserPrevent data changes in all situations
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Core Object linking – link multiple objects in a request
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – Split balanceIn scenario : 999 split active for FBB1 posting where the doc amounts are all zero and LC2 or LC3 has a balance – balancing gl lineitem did not contain the correct value and/or posting key. Now resolved.
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – Split balance In scenario : 999 split active for FBB1 posting where the doc amounts are all zero and LC2 or LC3 has a balance – balancing gl lineitem did not contain the correct value and/or posting key. Now resolved.
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – new user exitNew user exit point to enable update summary and workflow routing for function /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP_APPR_SIM_V5
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – SummaryEnable the sort order of the Summary data to be configured
Workflow User-Table Maintenance
New function to allow User->User workflow routing

Webflow 1.6 SP34-3 : Release date 16/11/2021

FIX/Enhancement Title Description
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – conversionFix approval amount conversion error when user format is “,”
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – loggingAdditional logging for RFC errors
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – auto-reversalReversal was not occurring for all posted documents on rejection. Applies for post-before-approval scenarios only
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – logging Additional logging for RFC errors
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals -User exitsNew user-exit points : enable update of excel, adjust split and lineitems. PROMENTA use only
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – lineitem textAdditional fix to prevent automatic conversion to upper case of lineitem texts
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – Posting errorsDetect that no documents were posted even if SAP does not raise any errors. This mainly occurs when SAP raises an information message instead of a warning/error
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 Journals – 999 splittingEnable 999-split balancing lineitems to handle 3rd local currency balances.
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor – Thai branchSupport for Thailand-specific branch entry in vendor master (moved to add-on)
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Customer – BrazilSupport for default Brazil tax jurisdiction code if using tax procedure TAXBRA based on country, state , region etc
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cost Centre – process lockProcess locking for cost centre now independent of the validity dates of the cost centre. This prevents parallel request for the same cost centre.
EnhancementExcel Add-in Version 2Excel Add-in Version 2 released. Many new features including support for Edge and additional formats.
ABAP and Portal updates also included – but remain compatible with Add-in Version 1
See here for more information
FIX/PROMENTA/WEBFORMS_ARCHIVE – DB selectNot all old requests were being selected for archiving due to the database select. Select now corrected.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – coreIf the user leaves a tableview open on a dataflow screen now show an error to the user to complete their action.
EnhancementCoreDefault session handling mechanism now switched to BSP memory/session handling for all webflow solutions. Previously classes were created/destroyed for every request. This mechanism was already used for all Promenta solutions so only impact is on old customer-specific webflows. Customers are recommended to perform regression test on custom solutions.

Webflow 1.6 SP34-2 : Release date 17/09/2021

Responsibility Tool – Deactivate debugger
Deactivate standard SAP debugging of responsibilities. See article KB0007
Responsibility Tool Audit– authorisation
Change so only display access is needed (activity 03)
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor – Partner updateFix issue with partner function update when partner name is long
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor – India TANNew India TAN exemption fields supported (see SAP note 3035980)
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Customer – Partner update Fix issue with partner function update when partner name is long
FIX /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Customer – email address notesFix issue with email address notes where they were being removed if maintained in a different language
Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – Partial JournalsEnable process for “partial journals” – see Journal documentation for more information
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – Balance checkInclude manual tax entries in field WMWST as part of balance check
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – 999 splitFix issue for balancing lineitem when the group currency (sometimes referred to as 2nd local currency) has a negative balance in FBB1. Generate a second balancing lineitem to contain the negative amount
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – Upper caseSome fields were being incorrectly converted to upper case (eg description SGTXT) since SP33. Note HF7 may also be required.
INFO /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor – Switch FrameworkAs per SAP note 1454441 – activate switch for vendor contacts updates.

Webflow 1.6 SP34-1 : Release date 03/08/2021

Enhancement /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – roundingSimulation now checks format of data (dates, values) and performs rounding independently to GLSU. This behaviour can be deactivated.
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – header fieldsResolve issue with detecting pull-down header fields for simulation .
FIX /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – split-999 roundingEnsure generated balancing items rounded to correct currency decimal places
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU- split-999 rounding Ensure generated balancing items rounded to correct currency decimal places
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU- multi-documentCheck that the number of documents in a file as determined by GLSU is the same as that determined by Promenta. Raise an error if not the same. This can happen when GLSU merges documents with the same header information but Promenta does not merge.
Enhancement /PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Cost CentreAdd ability to create new cost centre hierarchy nodes and then move the cost centre in a single request

Webflow 1.6 SP34 : Release date 23/07/2021

Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor & CustomerCheckbox added to allow Bank key/account and IBAN to be added separately
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor & CustomerAdditional search combination filtering so that company/purchase/sales orgs which are not liked via config are shown separately. This is optional setting.
Journal – change date
Prevent Change Date being updated in display-only mode in some situations
Journal – validate docs
Validate that there is at least one journal document in the upload file at upload time (check already occurred at simulation)
Journal – data
Ensure all input data stored in internal format. This means that dates-as-text and numbers-as-text in excel file is no longer supported. This ensures consistent display for all users regardless of their own format settings
Journal – data
Format custom (Z_ field) dates to internal format
Journal Syntax SPS
Fix syntax error due to SAP Service pack application (SPS16)
Journal – tax code validate
Enable optional check on tax code if GL requires tax code. This must be activated in configuration – default is OFF
Journal – exchange rate format
Fix issue in uploading exchange rate formats from excel. Format should now match SAP with leading /
Journal – 999 split
Fixed issue with 999-splitting when system attempts to post to local currency field with zero amount even if no local currency on screen.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 GLSU – doc park flagValidate that the doc park flag (BKPF-XPRFG) is not set.
FIX/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 and /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 – excel importRemove empty header fields to prevent date-format issues
EnhancementFlowbox – filesEnable Flowbot to save the excel file to the application server so that it can be exported to external systems
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW Core – workflow Fix issue whereby workflow does not complete properly if run in background update processing
FIXAttachments in Process report (/PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP) and Analyser report (/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR)Attachments can now be view with Display authorisation (03) of object YZYBULCONS in technical report /PROMENTA/WEBFORM_VIEW_ATTACH

Webflow 1.6 SP33-2 : Release date 28/05/2021

FIXAnalyser – requester nameRequester name (from SU01 record) was missing. Now added
FIXAnalyser & Process report – Status selectionSearchhelp select for status provided
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Vendor & CustomerEnable generate of IBAN from bank details – user selects checkbox to generate the IBAN on bank data entry. SAP functions used to actually generate.
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – CustomerEnable multi-country VAT entry (table KNAS)

Webflow 1.6 SP33-1 : Release date 30/04/2021

Journal FB08
Read correct original document in hub/spoke scenario.
Journal – User-exit Flag
Memory flag for customers to check in their user exits/BADIs to detect update coming from Promenta. See Journal documentation for more info.
EnhancementInboxInline buttons to enable opening items. Popup blocker no longer needs to be deactivated.
GLSU Journal request – Mid-way posting
Enable mid-way posting plugin. Now posting can occur after first, subsequent or final approval depending on requirement.
GLSU Journal request – Simulation
Enable posting simulation (using Promenta posting) before submission to avoid subsequent errors at posting.
Note : This plugin is not generally released for customer use and may require additional consultancy and/or license fees.
GLSU Journal request
Correct issue with drop-headers fields in conjunction with many defined lineitem columns.
Process locks were occurring too often. Now process locks only become permanent when the user actually saves or submits.
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – GL RequestValidation for cost element creation when GL is BS or P&L
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – VendorPayment methods filter by company code
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – CustomerPayment methods filter by company code
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – VendorAdd communication remarks field to solution
Enhancement/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – CustomerAdd communication remarks field to solution
FIX/PROMENTA/DATAFLOW – Manual Payments (RVND)EHP8 syntax errors resolved.
Note : QR-invoice not supported

Webflow 1.6 SP33 : Release date 19/03/2021

Performance improvement for excel upload file validation using caching of data reads.
CORECORE (non-ECC) releaseCore (non-ECC) release delivered for installation in non-ECC systems (CRM/SRM/BW)
COREPortal alias handlingIf SAP Netweaver portal is used then the alias can now be maintained system-by-system instead of transportable configuration. This is needed for federated portals.
COREPortal PackageIview parameter PARAMX added to iview parameters to enable dataflow iviews
Customer/vendor – support for sales/purchase texts
Customer/vendor – multiple email addresses allowed
Search combinations for customer/vendor will now refer to company code/purchase org/sales org linkages when showing the list of results.

Webflow 1.6 SP32 : Release date 20/02/2021

Journal – Excel addin
File validation from the excel add-in (New button in excel ribbon)
Translation date WWERT converted correctly to internal format
Check for numbers (units) stored as texts and convert
Formatting issue with reversing journal with fractional exchange rates
Period check now checking on the default “+” entry in OB52. Note that solution does not check down to the individual lineitems to determine if the posting period is open
Information section : show block/delete status for Vencor, customer and GL Account requests
Show the copied-from object (customer/vendor etc) in the new request
For hub/spoke – the real user must exist in the spoke system even if using the service user for update to ensure correct authorisations.
EnhancementProcess lockingProcess locking extended to enable all objects (customer/vendor etc). To enable this the previous process lock transaction which used table /PROMENTA/TT057 is retired (tcode /PROMENTA/LOCK_REP).
/PROMENTA/LOCK_REP should only be used for legacy solutions.
New tcode /PROMENTA/DF_LOCKREP is now used.

Webflow 1.6 SP31 : Release date 01/01/2021

This release was an internal release and not issued to customers. All changes rolled into SP32

Webflow 1.6 SP30 : Release date 04/01/2021

EnhancementCORESplit Core from ECC6 components for delivery to non ECC systems (eg CRM,SRM) etc
Journal – validation
Resolve issue when amounts are stored as texts in excel AND they do not match users SAP format AND the amounts do not contain any decimal but do contain thousand separators
Journal – Note 2949101
Fix syntax error after application of SAP Note 2949101 (EHP8) in function group /PROMENTA/WSFI_FBD1
Enable external address validation via Dun&Bradstreet interface

Webflow 1.6 SP29-7 : Release date 17/11/2020

Cost Centre
Include user exits
Include user exits
Include user exits

Webflow 1.6 SP29-6 : Release date 10/11/2020

Journal request – FB08
Default the posting date to be the same as the original document date. This can be overridden by the user.
Journal request
Journal values rounding corrected for some non-2dp currencies.
FIXAgeing/Process reportUser exit date formats were incorrect when reporting on multiple-doc postings for Journals
EnhancementCOREPromenta portal package split to enable customers to just deploy portal integration without including the standalone PDF conversion service. PDF conversion service still available as a separate install.

Webflow 1.6 SP29-5 : Release date 26/10/2020

Journal request – Excel Add-in
Enable multiple systems to be configured in INI file and user to select system
EnhancementCOREBSP webflow service no longer needs alias in SICF if using standard WAS security. Other security options can still be accommodated with alias override
EnhancementCOREPromenta portal package split to enable customers to just deploy portal integration without including the standalone PDF conversion service. PDF conversion service still available as a separate install.

Webflow 1.6 SP29-4 : Release data 16/10/2020

Journal request – multi-doc validation
All journals in a multi-journal request must have the same transaction code (Validation)
Journal request – validation
Validate that all lineitems have posting key and account field completed
Journal request – multi-doc
In the case where there is a mixture of intercompany and single company journals – transaction error now resolved
GLSU Journal request – created docs
The created list of documents shows the row number that they relate to (first row)
In the case of intercompany documents that are created automatically – a * prefix is shown
In message popup all intercompany document show row number.

Webflow 1.6 SP29-3 : Release data 30/09/2020

GLSU Journal request
Formatting issue if there were more than 40 columns in the GLSU sheet. Limit now increased to 99 columns.
Journal request – Reversals
Document splitting at 999 lineitems was being checked for reversals. This is not relevant as reversals will already be below 999 lineitems. FB08 is no longer checked for splitting.
Journal request – multi-doc format
Issue with processing when more than 9 documents in a single sheet (flat format only – not Promenta map format).
FIXCORE S4Hana 1909 compatibility (02/2020)S4Hana 1909 SP for 02/2020 caused some compilation issues which are now resolved.
EnhancementDataFlow – Cost CentreAdditional enhancements to the Cost Centre master data DataFlow
EnhancementDataFlow – MaterialAdditional enhancements to the Material master data DataFlow
EnhancementDataFlow – VendorAdditional enhancements to the Vendor master data DataFlow
EnhancementDataFlow – CustomerAdditional enhancements to the Customer data DataFlow

Webflow 1.6 SP29-2 : Release date 16/09/2020

GLSU Journal request – approver override
Enable via configuration that requester can select specific approvers
GLSU Journal request
FBU8 reversal error when multiple documents in same request
GLSU Journal request – session
BDC session in FB01 now contains the request number instead of “FIGLSU”. The ensures unique BDC batches
Inbox – columns
Fix issue is displaying custom column headers in languages other than english
EnhancementDecision treeDisplay and update screens now use ALV to give additional functionality
Journal request – navigation
Users can now navigate from upload to summary screen directly
EnhancementDATAFLOW – MaterialsAdditional user exit / plugin points to enable custom functionality
Limited Customer releasePromenta PortalReplacement for Launchpad offering significant enhancements and personalised graphical reports. The portal will be made available to all customers as part of the core offering in the future.

Webflow 1.6 SP29-1 : Release date 03/09/2020

Journal request – status update
Auto check the status of a posting/simulation when in background update
GLSU Journal request – status update
Auto check the status of a posting/simulation when in background update
Journal request
Reset approver override if new file is uploaded
FIXCoreRemove deleted formindexes from Template manager and other solutions
FIXCore – chrome/edge logoffFix logoff process for chrome/edge users when browser is closed.

Webflow 1.6 SP29 Combined : Release date 03/08/2020

Limited release/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005
Journal request
Excel plugin for Journals
Limited customer release.
Excel plugin for direct integration with Promenta Journal solution
GLSU Journal workflow -background post
Enable Promenta to control background posting instead of GLSU
GLSU Journal workflow – autoreversal FBU8
For autoreversal on rejection – support use of cross-company reversal FBU8
Journal request
Approver override
Automatically remove requester ID from override list of approvers.
FIXCore : Enhanced securityIncorrect auths check when requester is opening completed requests from their “my requests” inbox
Journal request
Skip screens
New “go to summary” button available to allow requesters and appprovers to skip from the excel upload screen to the final screen to enable less navigation clicks.
Journal request
Excel sheets/rows
The Excel upload master data check now shows the actual tab name and actual excel row that an error occured on. Simulation errors do not show rows (not posssible) but do show the tab name.
Journal request
Balance check
Enable balance check at Excel upload stage. This check must be activated and has restrictions. See documentation
EnhancementCore : Email subjectsEmail subjects can now contain dynamic variables from the request (eg company code )
FIXCore : Archivelink pluginCorrect read on archive link plugin on table /PROMENTA/TT052Z
Journal request
Delete request
Workflow was not terminated when user deleted a request after rejection
Journal request
SAP messages
Some very technical SAP messages related to Batch Input errors are reformatted to contain the actual field name of the fields in question.
EnhancementDataflow : CoreDataflow core has been enhanced in multiple ways to enable multi-screen handling and addition excel upload validation
EnhancementDataflow : MaterialsDataflow functional improvements for MM Material requests.

Webflow 1.6 SP28 Combined :  Release date 01/06/2020

Archive process – new DEL_ATTACH option
It is now possible to delete just attachment data from the database to conserve database space. See here for more information :
EnhancementCOREComment audit now defaults comment to “none” if no comment is added.
EnhancementVersion popup
Popup implemented in Analyser report to show the current installed version of Promenta.
VersionAlignmentAlignment of the transport naming convension official version of Promenta. From SP28 – the official version [1.6] will be referenced in transport naming and other documentation.
Responsibility Audit – name added
Name of the user added to audit report
Journal solution – grouping
Enable groupings of GLs , cost centres and profit centres to be used in workflow routing
Journal solution – transaction log
Transaction Log now used to prevent double-posting in case of a split (999) posting that fails on update due to FI error.
In addition – if any documents are created rejection is not longer possible to prevent resubmit with different data.
More information :
EnhancementCORE : Workflow responsibilities – OM objectsWorkflow responsibilities evaluation now takes into account OM object linkages (Organisation unit, position, person etc) when determining the approver user id.
EnhancementCORE : Security Enhanced security added to enable greater control of access to Promenta solutions for requesters, approvers and administrators.
This will become the default setting in the future
Journal solution – preparer team check
Enable check to ensure preparer/requesters are in specific teams. This can be based on responsibilities or authorisations
Journal solution – Approver override
Enable approver overrides (manual selection) as standard
Workflow responsibility – custom auths plugin
Custom authorisations plugin (based on Approver group name prefix) available.
Process report – Auth check
Missing authorisation check added.
Admin (object YZYBULCONS) Activity 03(display) now required.
FIX/PROMENTA/WF_RESP_01 Workflow responsibility – Auth checkMissing authorisation check added.
Admin (object YZYBULCONS) Activity 03(display) or 70 (Admin) now required
FIXArchiveLink standard pluginFix data elelement on table
FIXDataflow : AssetSet currency to be company code currency if not present in file
FIXDataflow : AssetSet base UOM if not present in file
Journal solution – FB08
FB08 special period added to screen to enable posting to periods 13-16
Journal solution – GLSU format
Resolve issue generated when GLSU field text is missing from file
FIXCORE (excel reader)Skip invalid dates
Journal solution : Email footer
Correct minor text issues
FIXCORE (Table Controls)Clean HTML in tables to prevent special character (single or double quote) causing javascript errors

Webflow 1.6 SP27 Combined :  Release date 03/03/2020

Enhancement Dataflow : Vendor/customer Search function now generates dynamic extractor code for efficient searches.
Enhancement Dataflow Generate reusable error file in case of transaction failure
FIXDataflowTransaction log updates being checked at the wrong point when rerunning updates
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