Release Note – FAQs

What does baseline mean?

Promenta are making delivery notes available from 1.5 SP13. It is not possible to provide delivery change information prior to that. Hence 1.5 SP13 is the baseline version.

How do I find my current version?

Before 1.5 SP20 :Check table /PROMENTA/TM995 – this will list all versions that you have installed. Simply look at the highest number there.

Version 1.6 (app SPs)  : open Webflow Analyser and run for any selection. Then click on the “Show version” button at the top of the screen


How do these changes affect my specific scenarios?

Please check the documentation at other locations on the help website to check for more details. If you require additional help Promenta is able to supply consultancy advise on a chargeable basis.

What are Combined releases?

Since SP22 the Core and Solution (RTD) developments have been combined. This reduces the number of transports a customer must manage. 
Note that a customer using non-ERP systems (ie not ECC6 or S4HANA) must use separate transports and discuss directly with Promenta.

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