Bank Master Request

This page shows a functional overview of the Promenta Bank Master Webflow Process. This enables audit and control of Bank Master transactions FI01 and FI02 – table BNKA

Bank Master data is not created in SAP until all approvals are received.

The solution is completely configurable to accommodate the fields and teams in your specific process.
Multi-team audited workflow is possible to create, change bank master, covering:

singular, web screen based processes
mass data Excel based process

Process flows – Singular entry

The screens below walk you through a process flow for the singular Bank Master data entry for create (transaction FI01)  or change (Transaction  FI02)

The initial screen is shown below – this list of processes can be extended.

The user selects Create or Change to start the singular process and presses the Next button.

In this case the change process was selected

The next screen is the search screen. Here the user can search for existing records in SAP to change – search by country and bank key.

The results of the search are shown below – one record was found

The user selects the required results row and presses the next button.

The full bank record is loaded and can be modified

The user can make a change to the allowed fields (the fields to change can be configured)

The user must then perform a data simulation to check the data is consistent

The user may now submit the request for approval.

The workflow is started – the workflow is configurable and may rout to one or several teams of approvers and be based on various criteria such as country, bank group etc

The approver will receive a workflow notification and will be able to access the same screens to approve the request

On final approval the SAP data is updated and the audit is attached to the updated data 

Process flow – Mass process

The mass process allows you to upload an excel spreadsheet containing your data for multiple bank records.

The system will check if a bank record already exists – in which case a change will be applied. If the bank record is not found a creation will be applied. This is automatic.

The user must perform a simulation before submit which will check all the data is consistent.

The format of the upload spreadsheet can be configured – an example is shown below


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