My Announcements

The “My Announcements” solution allows you to publish communications and announcements via the Promenta Portal which is acts as a gateway to Promenta solutions. 

Announcements can be targeted at the whole organisation or a subset – for example only show Customer announcements to Customer process users.

Solution Code : /PROMENTA/DF_ANM

User and Amin views

Administrators create the announcements and publish it to the target audience. This is done using the administration screens. This normally also involves review and approval processes. 

End-users can see the announcements in their “My Announcements” vie win the portal as shown above.



Announcements consist of a title and a detailed text. In addition an icon can be added to highlight  the announcement or for branding purposes.

Announcements are shown in the language of the user unless it is unavailable – in which case the default language of English is used.

Announcements have a start and end date (and time) and will automatically appear and drop off the users view at the specified times. Hence you can schedule announcements ahead of time.

Announcements can be targeted at :

  • All users of the solution
  • Users with specific SAP security roles
  • Users with specific approval groups (eg customer process approvers)
  • Users in custom groups

Announcements have a priority value which impacts how they are sorted (most important to the top)




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