Out-of-the-box My Announcements comes with a workflow with a single level of approval for all announcement changes.

The workflow can be changed to allow additional levels or additional teams.

The workflow can also be deactivated for direct updates if required.

Default workflow

The default workflow routes all request to a team with approval group : ANM_APPROVER.

To set up the workflow :

  • Create the approval group using the tool Responsibility Maintenance
  • Assign an approver user
  • Now all announcements will come to this user (or several users). Changes will not be effective until they are approved.

Create or change and Announcement

You must be authorised to use the Announcements Administration function.

First you must select if you are changing and existing announcement or creating a new one.

In the next screen you must search for an existing announcement.

If you are creating then you must still do this to check for duplicates but you do not need to select one if found. If you select an existing announcement while you are in create-mode you will be copying the selected announcement to a new one

In the next screen you are now entering the content of your announcement.

This consists of :

  • Administration information : Name, description, validity dates and Priority
  • Content : Title, text, icon and icon colour
  • Target : Who will see this announcement (all users or a subset)

Administration information

This section holds the information that is used by the system but the end-user does not see. Short and Long name are used by administrators to organise or categories their announcements.

The Start/end dates and times will ensure that the announcement will automatically appear and disappear at the correct time. future dates are possible to enable scheduling of announcements.

Priority allows the system to sort announcements to the tope where they are important.

User Icon

This section allows you to select an icon from the popup and set the colour. The icon will appear against the title of the announcement.

Target Audience Filter

The Audience filter allows you to select who will see your announcement. If you select “all users” then no further data can be entered and all users will see it.

To enter filter data you hit the “new row” button and enter the target information in the popup.

You can target based on :

  • SAP security role
  • Promenta Approval Group

Multiple entries can be entered

Announcement Content

This section allows you to enter the text and title that the user sees using a modern online editor. Basic text formatting is possible and links to external resources are possible.

You must enter content in at least one language.

You can entered the same content in different supported languages – the user will see the content in their logon language. To add additional languages hit the “new row” button in the Additional Languages section.

Submit for approval

Once the announcement is completed it must be simulated by hitting the Simulate button. This will validate all data.

If validate is successful the announcement the  hit next to go to the summary scren.

From the summary screen the announcement can be submitted for approval and publishing.

Note : The end-user will not see any changes until an announcement is approved and published.

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