Approval of announcement

If you are an Announcements Approver then you will receive requests for approval via your email inbox or the Promenta inbox


Open the announcement and review it. If you are happy with the content and the other information you can simulate and then approve it.

If you are not happy with the announcement then you can reject it back to the requester with a note (in the comments) for the reason why you are rejecting. The requester can correct and resubmit for your approval. 

Simulate and Approve

The review screen is shown below. Here all information is display-only as you cannot make any changes only reject or approve.

To approve :

Hit the “simulate” button (to check the data) – if all ok hit “Next” and then on the next screen (summary screen) hit the “Approve” button. 

On hitting approve the changes will be published immediately.

To reject :

Enter your reason for rejection in the comments at the bottom of the screen – then hit reject.


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