Document Template Manager

The Promenta Document Manager provides the ability for central control of documents such as excel templates, forms and help links. 

The Promenta Document Manager is integrated into Promenta solutions.

It is often used to store excel templates used in upload processes such as Journal templates. This enables you to ensure that all users have access to the latest versions of the templates.

Users simply click on the button to the right to download the relevant template

Access from Promenta Solutions

Promenta Portal

If using the Promenta Portal a direct tab is present (if configured)

Promenta Journals

If using Promenta Journals in stand-alone mode (ie outside of the Promenta Portal) then a link can be activated


Users who have the authorisation access in SAP (see here for details of required authorisations) will have an additional link in the top right of the screen which allows them to switch to Admin mode

When in Admin mode, the administrator can modify the texts and upload new versions of the templates.

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