Step 4 – Activate Robot

Activate when the robot will send out the report

The robot will replicate all the manual human steps required to send the SAP report, by email, in an EXCEL format, as per the schedule defined on this screen.

The user can define the following parameters:

Date Type
  • Single Day – run on a single specified day
  • Repeat every ‘n’ days – means repeat every ‘n’ days between the specified date range
  • List of dates – run a specific list of dates only
  • Last day of the month – run on last day of the month
  • FI Month End Schedule – run a specified number of days before AND after the FI month end

Working Days Only

  • This allows you to select “working days only” where applicable based on the SAP country calendar

Time Type

  • Run Once – at a specified time
  • Repeat every ‘n’ minutes – means repeat every ‘n’ minutes on each specific run date
  • List of times – run a specific list of times only
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