SAP Settings – translations

SAP transactions FS00 and FSP0 will allow entry of translations in tab “Key word/translation” field short text, long text.

Note that SAP will allow entry of languages that are not actually installed and/or active in your system – eg you could enter a French translation for GL account without having French installed. However once they are created they cannot be deleted or changed.

Promenta will allow you to also create new translations. If you attempt to change a translation for a language that is not installed you will get an error like “Field TC_2105_MARK(2) is not an input field”

Solution : only enter languages that are supported by your system. Existing GLs can be corrected using tcode FST2

Alternate Chart – attachments

Alternate chart of accounts (sometimes called country- or local- chart of accounts) are maintained using transaction FSP0. 

As per note “2745991 – Tcode FSP0, Services for Objects missing” attachments are not possible. 

Solution : Keep attachments in Promenta only as they cannot be stored against the GL in SAP FSP0.

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