Inbox (Fiori)

Promenta requests can be integrated and approved using the SAP Fiori Inbox to give a seamless approval process for your users who are already using the Fiori Inbox.

Please note : Additional licencing restrictions, maintenance fees and service fees may apply. Please check with Promenta.

Please note : Promenta does not offer Fiori consultancy and so cannot advise on standard Fiori implementation.


To enable the approval of Promenta solutions the following tasks must be completed.

Prerequisite 1 : Installation, configuration and rollout of SAP Fiori on all required servers. Promenta will only run within a correctly configured Fiori landscape.

Prerequisite 2 : Fiori Inbox configured, appropriate task catalogues created and assigned to appropriate users

Prerequisite 3 : You must be able to execute the SAP standard Verification workflow (transaction SWUA) and approve it via the Fiori inbox

SAP Notes :

Check if these notes are implemented and /or relevant for your release. Other SAP notes may be required.

2472157 – Work item description with HTML table in expression is not displayed correctly
2398713 – Additional or missing spaces in task description

Fiori Inbox

When integrated into the SAP standard Fiori inbox the approval items appear in the inbox along side other workflows from your SAP system. The example below shows a small set of approval items and one open for approval

The standard Promenta implementation will display summary information in the approval item. To approve the user then hits the “Open Task” button to open the item and review and approve.

Fiori Inbox (mobile)

The below screenshots show the approval occurring on a mobile devise

Fiori Inbox (Standard SAP) showing various Promenta approval items
Promenta approval item – in this case Journal request
To approve – click the “Open Task” button

Promenta approval app


FAQ-1 : Do you support off-line approval

No – only online approval is possible

FAQ-2 : Can approvals happen on mobile device (phone)

Yes – you can approval on a mobile device. You must handle the connectivity to your inbox and backend SAP systems. The SAP systems must be accessible.

FAQ-3 : Do I need an SAP user id?

Yes – all SAP workflows need an SAP named user id.

FAQ-4 : Can you help with our Fiori implementation

No – Promenta do not currently offer Fiori consultancy – we expect to install Promenta components into a fully configured and working environment (see the prerequisites above)

FAQ-5 : Which SAP patches/versions/notes are needed

Please see FAQ-4 and also the prerequisites above. 

FAQ-6 : What technologies do you use

The Fiori integration is achieved using the SAP ICF engine much like SAP core Fiori apps. The Promenta solution uses HTML5, JavaScript and SAP Web Application Server (WAS).  

FAQ-7 : What about gateway/firewalls

Gateways and firewalls usually site between the internet and the SAP systems. For gateway/firewalled implementations the SAP Web Dispatcher must be enabled to allow traffic to reach the SAP system safely.

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