The Dashboard is configured using Decision Tree /PROMENTA/DASHBOARD2

Important notes

  • You should not change this tree. Instead you should copy and override it to provide customised values.
  • Only configure items mentioned in this guide. Leave all other nodes unchanged.
  • The allowed list of webflows to be processed is automatically filtered by the user’s authorisations and also the organisations license file.

Define custom columns


Custom columns allow you to define useful information for a user to identify a particular webflow. You can define up to to values from a webflow which will be shown in either column Info2 or Info2. For example you could place the vendor number of a vendor webflow in Info1.
Each webflow can be defined in configuration and you specify which column the data should be represented in. The technical names of the columns are CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2.

You must know the webflow technical name and the field technical name (as defined in webflow)

The example below shows a Journal Posting entry that has been configured to show company code (EV_BUKRS) in column CUSTOM1, Posting text (EV_BKTXT_DIS) in CUSTOM2.

Custom Columns – Technical

Promenta use Only

Function /PROMENTA/DF_DASHBOARD_GETCOL – can be used to map and extract dataflow fields. Used as below :


Define list of available webflows


The list of available webflows is configured by setting up the node with an include/exclude list of webflow form ids.

The system can also be setup to INCLUDE a list of webflow form ids.

Note : The example below shows a list that EXCLUDES one formid – so it would allow all webflow form ids except the listed one.

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