Background : Every user has their own Inbox which stores their personalisation such as which columns to show in their inbox etc. This data can persist indefinitely.

Sometimes the personalisation must be reset due to:

  • old data/formats no longer compatible with current versions
  • changes in user settings and/or roles
  • SAP system upgrades
  • Promenta upgrades

Once reset the Inbox will automatically restart on next access by the user

Note : Resetting is an administrator function

Steps to reset

1 ) Get the user’s inbox unique Id

The unique id (formindex) from their Inbox can be found as below

2 ) Access the user’s inbox that must be reset

Transaction /PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR  [ Promenta Analyser]

Selection values :


formindex = the unique id (formindex) of the  users inbox

Last changed – changed within  = ANY

3) Reset Inbox

Resetting Inbox is actually performing a delete of the personalisation. On the next access by the user the inbox will automatically restart.

To reset (delete) select the “cancel” button to delete the users inbox

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