User guide – my requests

My Requests

The my requests tab shows all webflows which have been submitted by you (or are not yet submitted).

You may filter the list by last changed date and current status.
You may select a predefined sort option.

“In Process” webflows :  These webflows have been opened by you but not submitted. These have been previously saved by you. You can usually re-open those webflows and complete them for subsequent submitting. 
To re-open a previously saved webflow – select the relevant “Open” button. A new popup window is shown.

Webflows in other status than “In Process” cannot be re-opened and hence they will have an action column that says “none”

View current users : Webflows which have been request may be now assigned to other users (eg approvers) for their review. You can see which users a submitted request is with by selecting the relevant row and pressing the “Curr.Users” button.
A popup window will open to show the current users.

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