User guide – my workflows

The Promenta Webflow Inbox allows you to :

  • Launch new webflow requests
  • Approve webflow requests assigned to you
  • Check webflow requests that are submitted to determine which user is currently assigned the webflow (this could be the approver
  • of your request)
  • Continue with requests that were previously saved but not yet submitted

Version 2 also allows :

  • Separate tabs for Workflow and previous requests
  • Dynamic item list with sorting and filtering
  • Maintain your workflow substitues

Launch new webflow requests

To launch a new request select the required webflow request from the list box and press the launch button. The webflow request will open in a new window.

Note : You may need to enable popup windows as some browsers prevent popups.

Note : This feature may have been disabled by your Organisation if you are also using the Promenta Launchpad or for other reasons.

My Workflows

The workflow section shows all current items assigned to you for approval.

To process an item select the row and press the relevant “Open” button. The workflow will show as Reserved and will automatically be removed from other users inboxes.

To Reserve a workitem – so that is it is removed from share team to yourself – select the row and press “Reserve”. You can also unreserve an item if you wish to put the item back to the whole team.

The number of rows show in the list by updating the “Workflow visible rows” shows in the “my Settings” tab

Columns “Info 1” through to “Info 4” can be configured by your Administrator to show specific data about that request. For example it may show the Company Code for a Journal Request.

Click on the Listbox in the column header to filter the list to a selected value

Click on the Up/down arrow next to the ttitle in the column header to sort ascending or descending

The Status fields shows the current Promenta status – this is the overall status of this request

The WF Status field shows the workflow status of this workitem – it would be Reserved or “in Process”

Forwarding workitems

If you have received a workitem but you feel it should be processed by another user then you may forward the item.

Note that this feature my be deactivated by your Administrator

To forward select the item and then click the “forward” button

A new section of the screen will appear showing the title of the workitem to be forwarded and also the field to enter the User Id to forward to

Use the Search icon next to the User field to search for users

Once you have selected a User press the “forward” link to action the forward

Note that the user must be an SAP user

Note that additional security checks may apply.

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