SAP Journal Entry Workflow (GLSU)

GLSU allows an organization to streamline its financial data entry functions. GLSU provides a flexible and intuitive spreadsheet interface for collecting and posting transactions to SAP. From simple recurring general journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long, GLSU solves many common SAP data entry problems.

Magnitude GLSU integration

Promenta have technically integrated PromentaWebflow with Magnitude GLSU to give customers the features of GLSU but with additional audit, control and compliance brought by the Webflow framework

Users can click on “Send to workflow” directly from the GLSU spreadsheet to submit to Promenta Webflow.

The Promenta screen is shown below – this contains the attached GLSU spreadsheet and also enables additional attachments and justification to be given


Promenta are often asked questions regarding licencing requirements for third parties (SAP, ZOption/Magnitude/Microsoft etc). Promenta can only advise on Promenta licences. Any comments made regarding licences for third parties products and solutions should not be taken as formal advice or recommendation. Promenta are not responsible for ensuring licence compliance of third parties products and solutions even if a technical integration enables usage of those third party solutions..

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