Configuration : ZGLSU

The following setting used in transaction ZGLSU are recommendations only. Please consult with Magnitude for more information. 

Transaction : ZGLSU – Premium User functions

Workflow Function Name: /PROMENTA/ZOPTION_WF_START 

Job Wait time : recommend 3600 (max) so that jobs can be controlled by Promenta

Use Header Company w/split : Checked – this ensures the header company is used in all splits. If not checked the 999-doc splitting will not align between Promenta and GLSU.

Allow PARK documents : unchecked. This option is not supported by Promenta

Hide Post/Park Button in Excel : Checked (except on test systems it is sometimes useful to not hide so that comparisons can be made)

Attaching documents : Must be mandatory


Transaction ZGLSU – Balancing Account Info

Ensure that  the balancing account information is available to the system/update user – or the same for all users.

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