Configuration – Promenta settings

GLSU Set-up

Ensure you have applied the initial setup chnages to the GLSU configuration as per this link :

Promenta Configuration

General settings are carried out in decision tree /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP004 (or associated override customer tree)

All settings below are under the CONFIG done

NOTE : All nodes marked Obsolete must not be changed

Max upload size

This setting sets a maximum size each attachment can be. The size is measured in bytes.

Email : Completion

This setting gives the alias for email completions (ie when the workflow is completed).
This also allows custom override by providing a custom FORMID along with the alias.

Format is :ALIAS= |  

Reference Currency

The reference currency that all documents are converted to for workflow approval routing. This should be the SAP currency code. The “M Rate” is used.

Reference Currency Exchange Date

Date for exchange rate calculation when converting from document currency to the reference currency for workflow (see above)
Allowed Values are :
S [System data – ie date of the upload of the journal]
P [Posting data – ie use the posting date ]

Global post before workflow approve flag

This enables the journal to be posted first and then workflow approval process started.

In addition – on rejection the posted journal will be revered

Values alowed :

ACTIVE =X ( on)  or (blank is off)

AUTOREVERSE=X(on)  or (blank is off)

AUTOREVERSE_REASON=<FB08/FBU8 reversal reason code>

Duplicate check-Custom

This enables a custom duplicate posting check to be implemented. Promenta would provide further information
Valid values are ON , OFF
The check is implemented in user exit class for the customer in method DUPLICATE_CHECK

Duplicate check-Zoption

This enables the ZOption file name (history) check. Note that this only checks against posted files (GLSU standard)
Valid values are ON, OFF
1) The ZOption posting user must also have the the “Check file history” set

2) All preparers/requester must have the setting set (in Excel)

3) The filename used must be globally unique – ie every user must ensure their filename is unique across all other users (for example prefixing name and date to file name) unless the source file path is already unique. In actually the GLSU checks that the file and path up to 128 characters are unique. 

Note : If your users submit from a shared directory then there is a good change these will be detected as “previously posted” even though different users are making the submission.

Process Codes

Currently only one process code (PROC_ZOPTION) is supported

Under process code you can set specific configuration for each process code

Doc storage mechanism [DOC_STORAGE]
This parameter determines how attachments are stored.

Allowed values
BDS [SAP BDS system]
ARCHLINK [External ArchiveLink server]

1) The workflow audit text file always uses SAP BDS regardless of this parameter
2) Suitable SAP authorisations are needed by the system user (or the final user) to store documents. As per Note 1 – SAP BDS is always needed so that the audit note can be stored.
3) Promenta does not offer support for authorisations or SAP Archivelink issues except where they relate directly to a Promenta issue.

Background update

Available from SP29

Enable Promenta to control background updates when posting via GLSU. GLSU settinsg should be set so that the highest runtime is allowed in Premium User functions.

Promenta will switch to background posting when the lineitem limit is exceeded or if active always.

Valid values :

Blank : no background update

X : Always – all updates wil lrun in background

<number> : The lineitem threshold – if more than this number of lineitems then system will automatically post in background. 

Posting Simulation

Available from SP33-1

Enable posting simulation before submit of a request. The simulation uses teh Promenta posting simulation not the GLSU posting function. This simulation performs a deeper check on the data than the master data validation thatis standard in GLUS Validate function

See the Promenta Journal configuration for more information. You must activate and set up the Promenta 999-splitting configuration.

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