FAQ : GLSU issues

The section below documents some of the issues and common problems you may experience and advise or solution to them. GLSU is owned by and supported by ZOption / Magnitude software. Hence you may need to also refer to them for support.

Please note that issues with the GLSU Excel Add-in  – including installation – cannot be resolved by Promenta.

Website : https://www.magnitude.com/products/process-automation/process-runner-glsu

FAQ : GLSU_1 – posting simulation error

The Promenta posting simulation is an optional component which you may have activated. It enables a full posting simulation of the GLSU document which can find errors in the spreadsheet that he GLSU Validate function does not find.

These errors are shown when you hit the “simulate” button on the summary screen. If you never see teh simulate button then you do not have this component active and the comments below are not relevant.

The posting simulation function is actually part of Promenta’s own journal workflow solution – details here [SAP Journal Entry Workflow]

If you get any simulation errors check the below FAQs – if you do not find the answer then check the FAQs for the Promenta solution here [FAQ – problems and solutions]

Please note : Additional license fees may apply with this option. Please check with Promenta.

FAQ : GSLU_2 – error with dates

GLSU allows you to enter dates as text in excel. GLSU then “assumes” that the date-as-text matches your SAP settings. 

A workflow process may route the sheet around a number of different users for approval and each user may have their own date format (Europe, APAC, USA all have different formats). Hence Promenta will accept dates that are formatted as Date cell type in GLSU only. Dates as text may give errors or may be accepted but be interpreted incorrectly.

Rule : All dates in excel must be formatted as date cells

FAQ : GLSU_3 – multiple documents

GLSU and Promenta detect when a spreadsheet contains multiple separate documents slightly differently.

Possible error messages

  • Error determining number of documents GLSU=NN, Promenta=NN
  • Error determining number of documents in file [Mismatch between MULTI flags]

You have header company code on every line – you are relying on GLSU to determine when you have a new document by comparing the company codes

In the example below GLSU would detect 2 documents and would effectively ignore the company code/doc header for lineitem 2 in both documents

Promenta behaviour

Promenta determines the number of documents based on the number of filled header cells – it does not compare previous lineitems or make any assumptions about when new documents are needed. As such Promenta would detect 4 (incomplete) documents in the example above.

Hence you would receive the message “Error determining number of documents GLSU=2, Promenta=4”


Adjust  the file to ensure only header fields are populated where you really want a new document as below

FAQ : GLSU_4 – no “send to workflow” button

You have implemented Promenta and performed the GLSU setup (transaction ZGLSU) as per the install guide. You still do not see the send-to-workflow button in the GLSU excel add-in

Solution : Press the “Retrieve Validation” button the the GLSU ribbon bar in excel.

Additional information :

You must update the local glsu ini file to activate the button. This is normally done by clicking the “Retrieve Validation” from the SAP system that has the button activated. Note that if you “retrieve validation” from a system without the button active and then switch to another SAP system that does have the button active the button then it still may not be available until you retrieve validation again.

Technical : The “retrieve validation” writes the settings to the ini file which is usually located at : “C:\Program Files (x86)\Z Option\GLSU\” with a file name starting with “ZOPTION_GLSU_” and containing your SAP system and client.

Example :

For system PRD with client 100 :  the full file/path could be

“C:\Program Files (x86)\ZOption\GLSU\ZOPTION_GLSU_PRD_100.INI”

FAQ : GLSU_5 – Entry of taxes

Tax entry must be done according to SAP functionality – please see the “Tax Entry” section at this link for more information

FAQ : GLSU_6 – A security problem has occurred

On hitting “send to workflow” you see a popup message in Excel similar to the below screenshot. The browser does NOT start.

This error is caused by the way GLSU starts browsers – if the SAP server responds with some error then GLSU cannot handle the error and issues the message below.

Causes : incorrect SSO configuration can cause browser certificate popups that block browser starting. This must be fixed by basis teams.

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