Document attachments

The GLSU spreadsheet and any other attachments included in the request are automatically attached to the posted documents

Webflow supports posting using SAP internal storage (BDS system) or Archivelink enabled storage

Service User update

Many customers wish to remove access to the posting transactions (FB01, FBS1 etc) for compliance reasons. To enable postings to still occur Promenta Webflow supports the use of s specific service user to perform the actual posting.

Technically this is achieved by setting up and SAP RFC destination (transaction SM59) with id PROMENTA_JP4_UPDATE

Upload file checks

GLSU contains functionality to check if a file has already been posted by reference to the filename.

Webflow supports this check ( if it is activated) at the submission point and at every approval point

Due to the distributed nature of workflow approach (requester, several potential approval levels , different users) there are some restrictions to be aware of :

> All users should have the same setting of active/inactive. This means all users should be set to use the file history check within GLSU.

> If using Service user (RFC) update – the service user must also have the setting. Transaction ZGLSU is used for this

> The check can only happen against posted documents. hence if several requests (that have not completed) are stared the check will not run until one of them is approved. At that point all other requests will see the error message

> The full file path is checked – so the same filename submitted from different locations cannot be checked.

> When the check detects a previous posting – the current requests are put in status ERROR and the workflow is terminated

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