System User Setup

If you have decided to use a system user to perform your actual postings as mentioned here then the following setup is required.

These activities must be done in every system and client that you wish to test in.

System user

The system user must have posting access to transactions (eg FB01). In addition the system user must have a valid ZOption GLSU licence linked.

The System user type can be “System”

System user – Authorisations

The system user will post the journals using the ZOption functionality. It will also attach any documents to the journal.

Hence system user will need authorisations to:
FI transactions like FB01, FBS1 etc
All company codes and other organisational data
Access to the document storage mechanism (SPA BDS or ArchivLink)
ZOption premium user licence (see below)
NOTE : Promenta does not provide support for standard authorisation issues.

RFC Destination (transaction SM59)

The RFC destination name is set in the Promenta configuration and is not normally changed

The standard RFC destination name is PROMENTA_JP4_UPDATE

This RFC destination must be set up as follows:

Destination name : PROMENTA_JP4_UPDATE
Type : ABAP connection (3) or (L) logical destination

Enter local server information
Enter the system user id and password
Ensure Unicode value is correctly set for your system

System User – assign ZOption licences

Use transaction ZGLSU to assign the system user to your environment as per ZOption documentation. This may require you to log on as the system user in dialog mode.

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