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Most customers will create their own corporate-specific end-user guides and FAQs for the journal process. As such this section is meant to give a high-level view of the process only.


You are already a user ZOption GLSU  – the spreadsheet uploader tool for posting journals to SAP. 

You have now implemented the Promenta Workflow solution to enable workflow and control for your GLSU postings.

Starting Point : GLSU

You have already prepared your journal in your GLSU template.

You have already used the GLSU Validate function to check all the master data of your Journal so now you are ready to submit  the journal for approval to Promenta.

You use the “Send to Workflow” button to submit the journal

Promenta Screens

When you hit “Send to Workflow” a browser (Internet explorer/chrome etc) will be opened and you may be asked to log in. 

If you are asked to log in then enter your SAP User and Password. Note : You may not be asked to log in if your organisation has enabled “single-sign-on”

After Log on you will see a screen similar to the one below

Features of this screen :

  • You can see the original GLSU file is automatically uploaded and attached. This cannot be changed but can be downloaded
  • Additional attachments can be uploaded – such as supporting evidence for your journal
  • You can add additional text comments in the Justification field

When you have completed the request you can press the “next” button

You are taken to the Summary screen as shown below

The summary data is taken from the uploaded GLSU spreadsheet and shown. This allows you to check you have uploaded the expected sheet and review the information before submission.

When you are ready – you can submit this journal for approval using the “submit” button.

You may now close the browser – your request has been submitted for approval


What happens next?

In some configurations the journal may be posted on submission otherwise your journal will not be posted until all approvals are received.

Your approvers will receive emails to notify them they have journals to approve.

When all approvals are in place then the journal is posted

You will receive a final confirmation and the posted document numbers via email.


Journals are routed to approvers as defined by your organisation. This is configuration of the Promenta solution and in most cases is fully automatic.

Approvers receive an email notification containing the approval link and in addition approvers can access and aprove from their Promenta Inbox

Approval Screens

You have received a notification containing a link or accessed an approval item from your inbox

You will log in to Promenta using your SAP user and password (unless your organisation has implemented Single-Sign-On)

Here you will see :

  • The original GLSU spreadsheet
  • Any supporting attachments
  • Any justification text

You can review this information to decide if you will approve or reject the request.

Press the “next” button to go to the next screen.

On the Summary screen you can enter your rejection or approval.

You can enter additional comments which will be held with the posted journal.

Note you must enter comments if you are rejecting the journal.

What happens next

On approval – if there are additional approvals needed the journal will route to the next approver. If there are no more approvals needed then the journal will be posted and the request process completed.

The evidence is attached to the journal.

On rejection – the process stops and the original requester is informed by email.

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