Journal Process Codes

Processes Codes (See General Settings) can be controlled per user via an additional security object.

This enables you to limit which codes are visible to sets of users.

For example you may wish your central FI admin team to have access to all codes but end users only to have a subset of the process codes.

Object : YZYWSFI001

Fields :
– YZYWFLDID [WebForm Field Id] – set to the allowed process code
– ACTVT [Activity ] – set to 01

wildcard values are possible.

Since SP37-1

It is now possible to control if a user can request or approve down to the process code level. the logic is :

If activity 01 is NOT found for the process code –
• Check if user is performing a request and has activity 49 (request) ==>  allow
• Check if user is performing an approval and has activity 37 (accept) ==> allow
• Otherwise raise “not authorised” error.

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