Excel Add-in : “One-Click” settings

Available since 

Promenta has introduced a new function to enable reduced clicks for users of the Excel add-in.

When a user hits the send-to-workflow , post or park button in Excel the solution will attempt to upload the file, perform the posting simulation and submit in one step. If an issue or error occurs at any time then the screen flow will stop at that point to allow the user to address the issue. For example if there is a posting simulation error the solution will stop at the simulation step and allow the user to correct.

The process can be configured to stop for user interaction at any point.


The configuration is performed at the Process Code level under node MINCLICK

Configuration must be performed by Promenta only

Settings available :

ACTIVE=X (switch on) or blank (switch off). If Off then the submission process will be the same as before

LAST_EVENT = The last even that will be run. This determines at what point the interaction will stop and allow user input.

Possible values :

DATASOURCE|FILE_EXCEL    = this setting stops after file upload. This is the same as if one-click was not active

DATASOURCE|BUTTON_SKIPTOSUMM  = this setting navigates to the summary screen and stops. 

SUMMARY|BUTTON_SIM = this setting navigates to the summary screen, performs the posting simulation and stops. This allows users to upload addition documentation or comments before submitting

SUMMARY|BUTTON_SUBMIT = this settings navigates to summary screen, performs the posting simulation and then submits the request. This is the recommended setting if moving like-for-like functionality from GLSU or similar excel based posting tools.

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