General Settings

General settings are carried out in decision tree /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 (or associated override customer tree)

All settings in this document are under the CONFIG node as shown below

IMPORTANT NOTE: other nodes available (Screen Groups, Default values, Button attributes) are for Promenta use only and can only be changed in consultation with Promenta.

Background Update

If a journal contains a large number of lineitems then the system can automatically switch to background update to avoid timeouts.

Set the value to be:
blank = always OFF (ie no background)
X = always on (ie always background)
NN = number of lineitems at which to automatically switch. A number of 100 is recommended as a start point but can be updated to match with your system performance

Max upload size

This setting sets a maximum size each attachment can be. The size is measured in bytes.

Allowed Attachment file types

A list of allowed file types (file extensions) for uploaded attachments can be adjusted. The list below is the default list.


Document template manager

This setting determines if the Document template manager is active or not. Please see here for more information
Values are

Email : Completion

This setting gives the alias for email completions (ie when the workflow is completed).
This also allows custom override by providing a custom FORMID along with the alias.

Format is :ALIAS= |

Reference Currency/Date

The reference currency that all documents are converted to for workflow approval routing. This should be the SAP currency code.

The date of the exchange rate conversion factor is the System data by default. This can be changed as below:


S = System date (Default)

P = Posting date of the document

Simulation Message

In simulation mode SAP sometimes returns messages that are errors – but they are not set as errors (TYPE=I instead of TYPE=E). This means a failed simulation would not be detected.
Here any messages that are returned as I but should be errors can be added

GL Simulation (13-4 onwards)

The GL simulation runs after the main simulation and allows document splitting to be simulated. This avoids posting failures caused by document splitting at the point of posting.
Note that an additional Enhancement package transport is required from Promenta for this function to work

The GL simulation is made at process code level

Key GLSIM_ACTIVE = ON/OFF default is OFF

COPA check (13-4 onwards)

SAP does not support checking of required COPA fields in background update. Therefore Promenta have provided a solution.
The check will occur only if one or more COPA characteristics is included in the file.
The solution checks the Characteristics group and applies the same required fields as found there.
Note that user exit COPA0003 is not supported.

The COPA check is made at process code level


Comms Settings

Some organisations allow users to submit questions to a central team who will be able to help them. By default this feature is OFF. Contact Promenta for more information.

To activate – set node COMMS_ACTIVE with value ACTIVE= ON

In addition – a workflow process can be started so that the conversation can be tracked.

To activate – set node COMMS_WF_ACTIVE with value ACTIVE=ON

Node FEEDBACK is related to this functionality but is advanced and requires additional consultancy.

Activate Rounding (SP25 onwards)

Excel spreadshseets can contain many more decimal places than a currency accepts. To the user this may not be visible if they have their display set to show only the correct number of decimals.

This can lead to instances where the uploaded journal does not balance to zero but the user cannot see where the issue is as Excel shows all as balanced.

Two solutions to this issue are possible :

Solution 1 : In Excel use the ROUND function in amount fields to positively round the values. 

Solution 2 : Activate rounding in Promenta.


ACTIVE=ON  – rounding is active. The uploaded journal values are rounded to the nearest decimal place for the currency. This is the default setting.

ACTIVE=OFF (or entry missing entirely). No rounding will occur.

Activate Balance Check (SP29 onward)

Journal Requests can be checked to ensure they balance to zero if this check is activated.

ACTIVE=ON  – Balance check is on. The uploaded journal will be check to ensure all lineitems balance to zero using the SAP definition of posting keys for debit / credit) in table TBSL. This is the default setting

ACTIVE=OFF (or entry missing entirely). No balance check.


The balance check occurs AFTER the rounding function (above). if rounding is not active then balance errors due to very small differences may occur.

Where a customer uses unbalanced journals – for example on net tax postings where SAP will generate the missing lineitems to balance – the balance check cannot be used.

Posted Document User

Posted documents can be updated to reflect  the user that was “responsible” for the posting from a business perspective. As standard SAP will put the user who posted the document in the field BKPF-USNAM. If using workflow with a service user this may not make sense from a business perspective as it would then be the service user id. You may select :

OFF – no change – posting user remains unchanged. This is the default setting

REQUESTER – the user who first submitted the request is inserted

APPROVER – the final approver who approved is inserted

UEXIT – User exit. Promenta use only. Allows custom logic to be used.

Available since SP38

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