Hub-and-spoke: connection test

Promenta provides a utility transaction to test the connectivity of hub-and-spoke scenarios.

This can also be used to test connectivity and RFC connections in the special scenario “Local update with service user ” (Scenario 2)


All RFC destinations are in place

All service users are in place

All configuration for the scenario are in place

Step 1 : Transaction : /PROMENTA/WS_HUB_CHK

Execute transaction /PROMENTA/WS_HUB_CHK from the hub system . This transaction cannot be run from any spoke system. If the system is both a hub and also a spoke then the transaction can be run.

Enter decision tree id /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 in the selection screen

Step 2 : review the output

Confirm that the Update scenario is the expected value.

Confirm that the Hub is retrieved

Confirm that all spokes can be accessed without errors


1) No errors

The screen below shows that all systems can be accessed via RFC and service user without error

2) Showing error
The screen below shows one remote spoke system with a connection error

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