Optional : Multiple Document support

Since SP27-2 uploaded journals can contain more than one journal entry (ie multiple documents) in the same excel file.


To activate support for multiple documents update node CONFIG -> Multi Doc config (MULTI_CONFIG). By default multiple document support is not active.

To activate : ACTIVE=YES

Error mode : Value ERROR_MODE=RETRY should not be changed.

Master data checks

(1) Activate check : All documents have the same transaction code

VAL_SAME_TCODE=X    – this is mandatory and should not be changed

(2) Activate check : All documents have the same header company code. Note that cross-company postings are still possible but all documents should have the same header company code.

VAL_SAME_BUKRS=X    – this check can be set to  VAL_SAME_BUKRS=  [blank value] to allow different header company codes.

(3) Activate check : All documents have the same currency.

VAL_SAME_WAERS=X  – this check can be set to  VAL_SAME_WAERS=  [blank value] to allow different currencies.

(4) Activate check : All documents have the same document type.

VAL_SAME_BLART=X  – this check can be set to  VAL_SAME_BLART=  [blank value] to allow different doc types.

Solution behaviour

If a request contains valid multiple documents then a new message appears at the top of every screen as shown in the example below

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Summary screen

The summary screen sets all values that are specific to individual documents to be N/A.

This is controlled by the master data validation checks mentioned above.

Workflow Configuration

For workflow – there is only every one workflow request even if there are multiple documents. The workflow acts as a “container” of the requests and routes them all around the origination according to your configuration. Therefore decision parameters such as total journal amount no longer make sense in multiple document scenarios.

For example  : are 10 journals with sum total of all requests of 1000 USD equivalent to a single journal with total 1000 USD?

To mitigate this – the solution will pass extra parameters to the workflow so that special routing can be made for multiple documents. Custom routing is still possible via the workflow plugin.

Workflow Parameter :  MULTI_DOCS = YES   -this allows specific routing for multiple docs to be set up

Also MULTI_DOCS_NUM  =<number of included documents> is passed if specific rules when 2 or 3 documents are needed

Special calculations

Calculations that are already implemented (ie legacy) now refer only to the first document and therefore are dependant on the order of the document in the original spreadsheet.  [This equates to WF_SETTINGS-MULTI_WF_MODE=FIRST see below]

The list is below :

  • Grouping (GL/Cost centre) etc
  • Journal amount
  • Header company code
  • Reference amount

Calculation configuration (Promenta use only)


  • FIRST = Process only the first sheet for calculation (Legacy code)
  • HIGHTOT = Use the total of all sheets (ie sum all approval amounts of all sheets)
  • HIGH_1= use the highest approval amount of the sheets (ie choose the single sheet with the highest approval amount )


  • TOTAL=Total of debits or credits (default setting)
  • HIGH_1=Use highest single lineitem value

Email Configuration

The multiple document message can be included in emails to approver users by adding the field tag to the notification template. The text the is not shown for request without multiple documents.



All documents in the request must have the same transaction code.

Error handling – if one of the documents fail to post then the approver must exit the solution, correct the error and then reopen. They should be able to retry the update. The update should only update the transaction in error.

The solution will only set the status to Complete (and send the finale emails) when all documents are posted successfully.

Split documents (ie documents with more than 999 lineitems) that have posting errors need to be manually reversed (using FB08)

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