Optional : preparer team check

The Preparer/Requester team check ensures that requesters are properly authorised to make requests for specific company codes.

Please consult Promenta before implementing this functionality – incorrect implementation could prevent your users from making requests.


The preparer team check must be activated in the Workflow decision tree (/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 or overrides)

Node : CONFIG –> Workflow Config –> SETTINGS

TEAM_CHECK=X   – switch on

TEAM_CHECK=<blank>  – switch off


Company code

The company code is extracted using the setting below and should not be changed. The company code is taken from the Summary table.

Node : CONFIG –> Workflow Config –> SETTINGS


Process Option

The two provided options are set here

Node : CONFIG –> Workflow Config –> SETTINGS

TEAM_MODE=OOCU_RESP  – use Responsibilities to check against to determine team membership

TEAM_MODE=AUTH – check against Authorisations (User Roles)

Note that is both cases a list of available team IDs must be specified in configuration


Team List

The list of available requester teams is usually held in the routing rules decision tree ( /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005_APP_RULES) or override



Here a list of teams along with the description is listed


Process Option : OOCU_RESP

If the Responsibilities option is being used some configuration is still needed in the in the routing rules decision tree ( /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005_APP_RULES) or override

The routing rules decision tree determines which teams are relevant for each company code.


Create a structure under this node using parameters :

KEY1 = Company code

KEY3 = Team id (from the Team list). This may be * if you do not wish to break down to teams within each company code.

Return the Responsibility group id (APP_GROUP) for the team

In the screenshot below – an app for Company P100, team REQ_ADMIN is pointing at APP_GROUP JP5_REQ_ADMIN_P100.

You would create responsibility group JP5_REQ_ADMIN_P100 in the normal way and assign actual requester.

Process Option : AUTH

If the Auth option is being used then the requester access is checked against the object below.

Object YZYWS00001


YZYWSKEY1 = <Team Id> – this is taken from the team list specified above

YZYWSKEY2=<Company code>

ACTVT =03 (display)

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