Process Codes

A process code is a specific business process which needs to behave differently. See explanation here

Configuration at Process level is carried out in the CONFIG node under “Process Code Details”

This type of configuration has a variable structure. The configuration is normally characterised by a structure with KEY1 / KEY2 allowing multilevels of configuration. In the selected decision tree – the settings are found under the node CONFIG

Node : Process Code List

This node lists the code of each process and this code can be used in workflow routing configuration and the Process List Detail to control a business process

The output of this node is just a list of codes. Each code is a free text value with a maximum length of 20 characters.

If a process code is not listed it will not be visible to the user but may still be used in customer user exits

Node : Process Code Detail

Each process code mentioned in the Process Code List must be represented in this node

KEY2=Process code id Under this node – it is further structured using parameter KEY3=parameter

List of available parameters

Doc storage mechanism [DOC_STORAGE]

This parameter determines how attachments are stored.
Allowed values
BDS                         [SAP BDS system]  
ARCHLINK                [External ArchiveLink server]

1) The workflow audit text file always uses SAP BDS regardless of this parameter
2) Suitable SAP authorisations are needed by the system user (or the final user) to store documents. As per Note 1 – SAP BDS is always needed so that the audit note can be stored.
3) Promenta does not offer support for authorisations or SAP Archivelink issues except where they relate directly to a Promenta issue.


Promenta use only

Function Modules [FM]

Promenta use only

Spoke system [SPOKE_ID]

The spoke system if hub/spoke architecture is used. See teh hub-and-spoke section for more information.

Description [DESC]

The description as shown to the user in their language. Each language should be placed on a separate row with the SAP 2-character language separated by a =.

Name [NAME]

The name as shown to the user in their language. Each language should be placed on a separate row with the SAP 2-character language separated by a =.

Transaction code [TCODE]

If the process code is to be restricted to a single SAP transaction code it can be entered here. Otherwise a * can be entered but then the transaction code must be specified in the excel file. If the system cannot determine a transaction code from the configuration or the file and error will occur.

Skip workflow [SKIP_WORKFLOW]

This option deactivates the workflow entirely. This means on submission the process will perform its update and end. This is normally only used for posting without workflow (PROC_POST) or parking without workflow (PROC_PARK)

Valid value = X if workflow is to be skipped or blank if not to be skipped. The default is that workflow is enabled.

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