Excel Add-in (V3)

The Promenta Add-in enables a more convenient integration point for users to submit journal requests. The Add-In version 3 uses additional executables to enable browser communication. 

Please note : Additional maintenance and/or license fees may be applicable – please check with your Promenta Account Manager

Key Features

The Promenta Excel Add-in Version 3 offers these key features – functionality which is new for Version 3 is highlighted.

  • Direct integration with Promenta Journal Solution in SAP
  • Send-to-workflow button to submit a journal request straight from the excel template
  • Support for Single-Sign-on to SAP systems (ECC/S4Hana) without need for RFC/SNC
  • No need for SAP GUI installation 
  • SAP-data lookup from the excel template
  • Support for Microsoft Edge  (Version 2)
  • Resubmit rejected request (Version 2)
  • Additional template formats (Version 2)
  • Support for multiple journals in the same request (Version 2)
  • Full internationalization capability (Version 2)
  • Sophisticated installer program (Version 3)
  • Support for OneDrive and Sharepoint files (Version 3)
  • Auto-update of webdriver (Version 3)

A short video is available here : Journal Add-in Demo

User Guide

Send-to-Workflow : This button will submit the journal to the Promenta journal solution running inside your SAP system

Validate : This button will cause all the data of the journal to be validated against your SAP master data in real time.

Inbox : This button will open your Promenta Inbox to review sent and pending requests

Template Manager : This button will open the Template Manager to enable journal templates to be downloaded.


Click here to see installation guide

Download installers from here

SAP Integration

Information for IT / BASIS teams

The excel service is the interface between the excel add-in installed on every users desktop and the SAP finance (ECC/S4Hana) system. It can be enabled for Single-sign-on with HTTP SSO technologies.

The Excel service is available in 2 versions :

Portal version – this is deployed as part of the Promenta Portal patch and must be configured. Connection to SAP is made from the portal via the SAP JCO service. As such the SAP Portal client JCO service must be configured in the portal

WAS (ABAP) version – this is deployed as part of the core delivery. No additional configuration is needed in SAP.

Browser Integration

Information for IT teams

The Excel Addin must communicate and control the browser to enable data exchange. The only supported method for achieving this is using the WebDriver standard. With this method a intermediate program is used to receive communications from the Addin and then pass the commands to the browser. Each browser supplier (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome etc) supplies their own version of the WebDriver.

Promenta recommends MicroSoft Edge and we include versions of the EdgeDriver with our standard installation. Google Chrome can also be used but not included in our installer.

Add-in Configuration

The Add-in is configured on each users local systems via an ini file. 

The ini file contains

  • The allowed list of SAP systems that can be connected to.
  • Determines if Portal or WAS(ABAP) is to be used
  • Determines which browser and associated driver is to be used
  • Setup browser screen sizing

Note : No user ids, passwords or other credentials are stored in the ini file


Promenta have introduced an autoupdate feature which can download the latest versions of the webdriver from Microsoft. This means you no longer need to do a full install every time Edge is updated.

The webdriver is downloaded from https://msedgedriver.azureedge.net/ which is the CDN managed by Microsoft and is in XML format.

Promenta is not responsible for content and applications provided by external providers including the Edge Webdriver.

PLEASE NOTE : Begining 2024 Promenta will no longer include webdriver software and instead the autodownloader will update the webdriver for you. 

Edge 119 and above (Nov 2023)

Due to incompatible updates by Microsoft the Web drivers no longer work reliably work with the next version – so web driver 118 will not work with edge 119 in some situations.

Hence all customers should update their Promenta excel addin to version 3.0.10 or above to avoid known issues.

The main issue is around profile synchronisation so if your organisation manages this differently you may not experience the issue. 

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