Promenta Excel Add-in Downloader Page

The files below are zipped installer files for the Promenta Excel Add-in. 

The Installers require a password to execute which Promenta will supply to you.

Promenta virus scans every zip file however you should always virus scan a downloaded file before you unzip and run  the installer. 

Version 3.1 Sequence is the latest codebase for new customers and migrated existing customers. 

 Version 3.0 Sequence files are for legacy customers and you will be migrating to 3.1 sequence in due course.

See Add-in install guide  here for more information 

Latest Installer files

These are the files you want unless you have been explicitly told otherwise.

PLEASE NOTE : Begining 2024 Promenta will no longer include webdriver software and instead the autodownloader will update the webdriver for you

Version 3.1 Sequence

Version 3.0 Sequence (legacy only)

Archived files

NOTE : These files are listed for historic purposes. You should use only the latest version unless instructed otherwise.

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