Promenta Excel Add-in Downloader Page

The files below are zipped installer files for the Promenta Excel Add-in. 

The Installers require a password to execute which Promenta will supply to you.

Promenta virus scans every zip file however you should always virus scan a downloaded file before you unzip and run  the installer. 

See Add-in install guide  here for more information 

Browser/Windows security

You may see popups from Windows like “Windows protected your PC”. You may also see browser messages about file extension .exe or .zip .

Promenta installer is digitally signed and is safe. You can download the installer to your desktop and check the Publisher Digital Certificate by right-clicking on the exe file and looking at properties –> Digital Signatures

The Signature should say “Promenta” as the publisher.

If in doubt please perform additional virus scans or check with your support teams.

Webdriver autoupdater

Since 3.0.5.NNN Promenta have introduced an autoupdate feature which can download the latest versions of the webdriver from Microsoft. This means you no longer need to do a full install every time Edge is updated.

The webdriver is downloaded from which is the CDN managed by Microsoft and is in XML format.

Promenta is not responsible for content and applications provided by external providers including the Edge Webdriver.

Latest Installer files

These are the files you want unless you have been explicitly told otherwise.

Archived files

NOTE : These files are listed for historic purposes. You should use only the latest version unless instructed otherwise.

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