V3 Addin Installation


The connection between SAP and the Promenta Excel Add-in requires that the SAP connection parameters are configured in the ini file mentioned below. As such a correct ini file for your system must be available before you install the Excel Addin so that it can be provided to the Installer.

Browser/Windows security

You may see popups from Windows like “Windows protected your PC”. You may also see browser messages about file extension .exe or .zip .

Promenta installer is digitally signed and is safe. You can download the installer to your desktop and check the Publisher Digital Certificate by right-clicking on the exe file and looking at properties –> Digital Signatures

The Signature should say “Promenta” as the publisher.

If in doubt please perform additional virus scans or check with your support teams.


The installation uses an installer program to install the Add-in to your system. Ensure you have a valid ini file set up for your SAP systems before you start the installation

Step 1  : Download the installer

Click here to download the latest installer – it will be at the top of the list. You may also see older installers present which may be there for historic reasons but you should only install these if explicitly told to do so.

Step 2 : Unzip the installer file (if it is zipped)

Step 3 : Execute the installer file

NOTE : If excel is open already the installer will ask you to save your work and close excel. 

if you see the message below it means you are actually UPGRADING the installer.

The message is telling you that it found a previous ini file containing your connection settings for SAP. You should answer “No” as you do not want to replace the ini file UNLESS you have been told explicitly to do that.

Enter the password to continue the installation. Promenta or your own PC support/helpdesk teams will provide you will the password.

Locate the ini file supplied to you and enter the location in the screen below

Allow the installer to register the addin. You should never uncheck this unless you have been told to do so.

The addin will now run the installation and should successfully complete. 

Check Installation

To check the successful installation 

  1. Open Excel
  2. Check you have a Promenta tab like below
  3. Click on the Help button – the popup should show the version number that you installed

Technical Information

This information provided to PC/Desktop support teams

The installer deploys the excel addin to the standard location (below) for the current user. Admin authorisations are not required

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns\Promenta

Silent / Unattended Installs

From 3.0.5.NNN only

Information for PC/Desktop support/Infrastructure teams. This option is NOT supported for general end-user installation.

The installation can be setup to run without dialogs (unless there is an error) which is useful when you use update mechanisms that are controlled centrally.

The installation must be carried out in the context of the end-user as all install components go to the user-specific “appdata” by default.

The following command line parameters can be used. Use of other parameters is not supported.

All parameters should be prefixed with / and all parameters that are a name/value pair should be format /name=value

/SILENT – will suppress most screens but show the progress bar. It is recommended for online installs.

/VERYSILENT – will suppress most screens and also any progress indicators. 

/SUPPRESSMSGBOXES – will suppress the message that Excel is already running and must be shutdown. Hence not recommended in most cases as the user should be given change to close excel.

/PR_INI_REPLACE=NO – will suppress the “should ini file be replaced” and set it to NO. Hence ini file will not be replaced

/PR_INI_REPLACE=YES – will suppress the “should ini file be replaced” and set it to YES. Hence ini file will not be replaced as long as one is supplied

/PR_INI_PATH=<full file path to the ini file to be copied> – this path must be fully accessible to the user. Wrap the path in quotes if the patch contains spaces. This file will replace the file at the install directory


(A) Silent with progress bar and no replacement of the ini file – Note : for new users this will result in a deployment without any ini file.

Promenta_Addin_3.0.5.107.exe  /SILENT /PASSWORD=<password> /PR_INI_REPLACE=NO

(B) Silent with progress bar and replacement of INI with a new one from the users desktop

Promenta_Addin_3.0.5.107.exe /SILENT /PASSWORD=<password> /PR_INI_REPLACE=YES /PR_INI_PATH=”C:\Users\<user>\Desktop\Promenta_Excel_RFC_Service.ini”

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