V3 ini file

The Add-in .ini file controls the options and connection parameters for the Promenta Add-in.

The .ini file is usually set up by an IT team and then distributed to every user via the install process. As each user must have their own copy of the .ini file then some per-user settings are possible but it is recommended that this is avoided and all users given the same .ini file.

The .ini file is an xml format file and MUST exist in the same directory as the Add-in xlsm file. The installer will ensure this is the case.

Note the ini file must be named as : Promenta_Excel_RFC_Service.ini

Generate Ini file automatically

Since SP35 it is possible to generate the ini file automatically with your settings already configured

Prerequisite : First configure Promenta Journal solution so that it is working as a web application. This then ensures all links and urls are correct for your system.


Mode : “Full file and current system”

You would run this when first needing an ini file for the project (eg in development). This will generate the full ini file containing all global settings and also the current systems specific settings (eg development system)

Mode : “Current system only”

You would run this on each subsequent system (eg QA, Test, Production). This will generate the settings for this specific system only. You would then paste into the ini file the settings.

Example file with comments

Note : It is recommended to use the transaction /PROMENTA/EXCEL_INI (above) to generate this file. The file below is provided for reference only

Ini File technical documentation


The ini file consists of global settings which affect all connections and system-specific settings for each system

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- control options such as buttons etc -->
      <!-- Global settings -->
             <!-- system specific parameters -->

Global connection parameters

<!-- Connection type = this should always be URL -->
<!-- Mode = this should always be WEBDRIVER -->
<!-- directory to the temporary path. Do not change -->
<!-- the location of the webdriver executable. This is with respect to the addin installation directory.
It should not normally be changed. -->
<!-- port that the webdriver executable runs on locally -->
<!-- Do not change. Informs the webdriver executable of the port. -->
 <!-- webdriver Window mode. Normally HIDE is used -->

Global connection parameters – Autoupdater

These settings are used when the autoupdater is enabled to download the latest version of the webdriver from the microsoft-managed location. See here for information on the Microsoft CDN.

These settings should not be changed unless you are hosting your own webdriver downloads. 

Promenta is not responsible for content on external sites.

<!-- Download url with version placeholder -->
<!-- edge webdriver name -->
<!-- Ask user if they want to do the auto update if the correct driver is not found. 
If NO then user is not asked and webdriver is downloaded without confirmation -->
<!-- delete old webdrivers. If NO then old webdrivers remain -->
<!-- try and use version N-1 of webdriver. This reduced the number of updates.
If NO then every time a new Edge is released, a new update will occur -->


<!-- Activate buttons -->
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