Journal Vanilla Workflow

The vanilla workflow is delivered out of the box although most customers have customised workflow routing. This section describes the vanilla process only


The workflow routes based on threshold levels (ie total journal value) and company code. There are two levels of approval defined which progress sequentially. The thresholds are defined with respect to USD currency.

Defined Thresholds

Level 0 : 0 – 99,000 USD   : Auto-approval – no approval is needed

Level1 : 100,000 to 399,999 : First approval level

Level 2: 400,000 and above : Second approval level

Approval teams

Teams are based on the header company code of the journal. Each team may contain multiple people.

Teams follow the pattern :

JP5_<company code>_L1  and JP5_<company code>_L2

All teams are created and managed using the Promenta Workflow Responsibility tool

Example – company 1000

Here the teams would be :

JP5_1000_L1  : Level 1  for company code 1000 – ie all approvers for journals over 100,000 USD

JP5_1000_L21  : Level 2  for company code 1000 – ie all approvers for journals over 400,000 USD

For a 500,000 USD journal then the approval would flow to Level 1 (JP5_1000_L1) and then to Level 2 (JP5_1000_L2)

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