Multiple Document Support/999 lineitems

Promenta can handle multiple documents in the same request. These documents may come about because:

  1. There are more than 999 lineitems in the request for a single document. SAP has a well-known limit of 999 lineitems per journal document. Customers often need to post journals with thousands of lineitems.
  2. There are several independent documents. Since SP27-2 uploaded journals can contain more than one journal entry (ie multiple documents) in the same excel file.

Both of these opens are configured independantly but they do have some common features around error handling.

Multiple Documents in a request

The expectation is that the documents are for the same purpose, similar in format and post in similar ways within SAP – Example  all documents contains in a single request post to FB01 and are all for credit card expenses with similar types of lineitems.

There will be only one workflow request submitted which routes all the documents in a single approval path. This is why it makes sense that they would have the same business purpose.

Normally workflow rule are adjusted to make an approval path that remains coherent – if your usual approval path relies on the journal value as a threshold then it needs to be determined how to calculate the threshold when multiple journals are involved.

Multiple documents would be shown on separate excel tabs of a request for Promenta standard format. A different format is supported for GLSU format excel sheets.

See here for more information about Excel sheet formats.

Additional checks are performed when multiple documents are detected in a request. See here for more information about extra master data checks.

Screen Changes

NOTE : These screen changes do not occur for a single document that has more than 999 line items. From a business perspective they are  still one document 

If a request contains valid multiple documents then a new message appears at the top of every screen as shown in the example below

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After upload and clicking the Next button a new screen is show before the document header screen.  This screen is the Document overview screen and lists the documents found in the request.

Each document is given a unique id (first column) which normally relates to the tab order in the sheet (left to right).

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You can then select any of the listed documents to view the header and lineitems. When the Next button is pressed the header data for the selected document is then shown. The Unique Id is also shown in the multiple document message header.

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Screen Changes – Summary screen

The summary screen shows the multiple-document message at the top of the screen.

In addition the summary data itself is changed.

Where a value in the summary is specific to a single document – it is set to N/A in the summary to show the user that the value could be different for different documents in the request. For example the document header text could be different for each document – so it is set as N/A in the summary. This feature is to avoid any confusion for the user.

If the configuration is set such that specific fields must be the same on all documents (eg transaction code) then it is possible to show the value.

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