Period Close Control Calendar

Many organisations have the concept of a “close calendar” for the financial period close. This details what activities are allowed after the period closes in SAP. For example the organisation may allow posting of journals on Day 1 and Day 2 for all users but only some users for Day 3.

Promenta Journal solutions contain a Close Calendar function to enable the “post-close” workflow rules to be specified.

The key function of the calendar function is to enable an organisation to specify the “day-number” for each date so that consistent rules can be applied to “Day 1/2/3 etc” regardless of weekends/public holidays etc.

Note that the Calendar only feeds into the overall workflow routing calculation as defined by the organisation. It does not impact the posting functionality on its own.

Calendar table

The Calendar table is /PROMENTA/WSFI01. This table stores the dates around the end of the period (as defined by SAP) and applies a Day Number to the dates.

Generate Calendar

The Calendar entries can be generated by transaction /PROMENTA/WSFI_0002

Here a Fiscal Year, variant, and company code can be selected – then an initial proposal of dates can be generated upto Day 5.

if Test mode is chosen then no updates are saved.

The output shows the proposed dates for the calendar.

Note the generation takes into account public holidays and weekends as defined in SAP so that the Day number is not incremented except on  working day.

After saving the updated calendar you must manually transport the values from SM30 –> Transport from your Development system

Calendar Modification

The dates generated above are only a proposal and will often need to be modified based on an organisations own rules.

Transaction /PROMENTA/WSFI_0004 can be used to view or update the dates. Any updates are audited.

The user enters the fiscal year variant  and the year to view/modify the data.

On the next screen you can change the Day Number (WD) and year. Changes are audited.

New entries can also be inserted if any dates are missing

Calendar Modification in Production

It is sometimes necessary to modify the calendar urgently in Production. In that case transaction /PROMENTA/WSFI_0004 can be used directly in Production to update the dates.

Testing Calendar

It can be difficult to test the calendar functionality as, theoretically, you would need to wait fo rthe actual dates in the calendar before testing a function. This testing function cannot be used in Production.

However Promenta have provided a test function to allow you to override a specific day number regardless of the number of days past the period close.

Enter the required test dates and Day number in the screen and press execute

The system informs you if any Override is in place

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