Process flow

The general process flow is described below. Variations on this flow may also be possible.

Process Flow : Post on final approval

  •  The initial requester begins the webflow process and completes the data that they are expected to enter. The solution allows you to specify which screens must be completed and which fields on which screens. The requester cannot submit the request until those rules are satisfied. In addition the data entered is validated automatically and in real time against your existing SAP configuration so that all data in the webflow is valid. See page “Master Data validations” for more details.
  • The initial requester uploads any supporting documentation that they may have – this may be financial reports, supplier questionnaires or any other relevant documents.
  • The initial requester can now submit the validated request.
  • The webflow system will check its approval workflow rules and route the request to the individual or team that should review the request. An email is sent to the approvers notifying them of a pending action. This step may be a review step (ie just checking the entered data) or additional data entry (for example a finance team may input the bank details of the vendor)
  • The approver may then approve or reject the request. If the request is rejected it will normally be routed back to the requester for correction and resubmission. Note that the approver will not need to concern themselves over whether the data is technically valid but if the request is correct from a business point of view. The data will be technically valid as it is checked before submission.
  • On approval the webflow will check if there is another team to review/approve the request – if there is then the request is routed to that team. If no further approvals required – so this is the final approval – then the SAP data change occurs automatically.
  • The webflow system created/changes the vendor, attaches any documentation and then finally sends out notification emails to the requester and other interested parties that the request is complete.
  • The webflow system maintains its own set of audit and history data which is reportable at any time.

Process Flow : Post BEFORE final approval

In some organisations the requirement is to post as soon as possible to avoid any delay in period close activities. Promenta can facilitate this process and will gather all required approvals after the posting. The posted documents are updated to have the final approval audit when it is completed.

Promenta can be configured to :

  • Post immediately after first submission (post-before-approval)
  • Post after one (or any subsequent) approval (posting mid-way of approval)

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