Promenta Journal Workflow Support Videos

The following videos provide a simple overview of how to use Promenta Journal Webflow

How-To: Submit Journals For Approval Using Promenta Excel Add-In?

This demo uses the Promenta Excel Add-In to send an Excel sheet to webflow for full posting simulation, followed by submission for approval.

How-To: Approve Journals?

This demo picks up a journal request that has been submitted for approval and demonstrates how a two step approval can be given by email and also using the Promenta Webflow Inbox.

How-To: Submit “Partially Completed” Journals For Approval?

This video will demonstrate how Promenta Journal Webflow can be used by non-Finance business teams to submit partially completed journals to a Central Team who have the knowledge to complete the missing journal data. The Central Team can then validate and submit the fully completed request for approval. This scenario may be an alternative to simply requesting that non-Finance bsuiness teams send journal requests to a local focal point outside of Promenta.

How-To: Set Up Journal Approval Groups?

This is useful for companies who are installing Promenta Journal Webflow for the first time (or running a proof-of-concept) and who need to use the Promenta demo workflow configuration to test the vanilla product. This video will explain how the demo Journal conifguration works and how to set up approval groups in your own system to enable testing.

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