Service User settings

A service user (sometimes called a System user) is an SAP user account which is used to post journals “on behalf of” the real user (either the requester or the approver). It is used in various Promenta scenarios :

  • Hub-and-spoke
  • Local update with service user

The real users do not need to have the posting access.



The service user should have enough authorisations to run Promenta functionality and also to post to all company codes using SAP transactions such as FB01 etc. See the Authorisations section for more information.

In addition the service users own settings for data format, number format will be used. 

Posting settings

The service user will use the various SAP transactions to post the journals. The service users own settings will be used and these are set up in transaction FB00.

The following settings in FB00  for the service user are recommended but may not always apply depending on your scenario :

Calculate taxes on Net Amount = blank

Do not copy tax code = checked (X)

Automatic Negative posting = blank

No Company code proposal = checked (X)

Default document currency = Local currency


NOTE : To make these settings you have a few options :

  1. make the service user temporarily a normal dialog user, logon as the user and run tcode FB00 and save the settings. Then change the user back to a service user.
  2. In SU01 – check the parameters for id FO2 – the various X indicate which fields are set. In this case it is recommended to set up the settings in FB00 under your own ID (which will create the entries in SU01)  and then copy your settings in SU01 to the service user. This does not need you to log on as the service user.



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