User Guide (Manual Entry)

Most customers will create their own corporate-specific end-user guides and FAQs for the journal process. As such this section is meant to give a high-level view of the process only.


NOTE : From 2022 manual entry feature will no longer be available for existing customers. New customers will not be offered this feature. This is a result of customer feedback where the excel process is almost 100% used.


Excel entry is the preferred input option. Manual entry is provided but should be used only in special cases. Manual Entry does not offer all of the functionality of the SAP transactions such as FB01.  Fields cannot be added or removed by customer and validation occurs for the whole document only (at simulation) rather than at lineitem level.

Manual entry offers entry via FB01 only. 

Screen 1 : Process code selection

The process code will guide the workflow and specific validations.

In this case Manual Entry should be chosen

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Screen 2 : Basic data

On this screen select the company code from the list and also upload any evidence or justification documents that are required.

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Screen 3 : Document header

On this screen the document header data is entered. List box data comes directly from SAP configuration.

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Screen 4 : Lineitem List screen

This screen shows all the lineitems currently in the journal request.

Initially there will be no entries.

To create Lineitems you must enter posting key and account in the section at the bottom of the screen and then press the “add” button. This will take you to the Lineitem detail screen to complete the lineitem.

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Screen 5 : Lineitem Detail screen

This screen enables you to enter the detail of each lineitem.

As can be seen in the screen shot below there are a large number of fields

NOTE : SAP configuration is not currently checked to determine if all the fields are relevant to the entered GLs. Also required fields are not fully checked at this point.

Once all data is completed press the save button.

You will be taken back to the Lineitem List screen. You must repeat the process until all required lineitems are entered.

Then press next

Screen 6 : Summary screen

The Summary screen shows the key data of the request. 

You must validate the entire request using the Simulate button. If errors occur you must go back to the lineitems (or header) and correct the data.

On successful simulation – you can then submit the request

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Approver screens

The journal approvers see the same screens as above – however all screens are made display-only to preserve audit and integrity. On the final summary screen the approver see two new buttons – Approve and Reject

On final approval the document is posted and the requester is informed.

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