User Guide (Reversal FB08)

Most customers will create their own corporate-specific end-user guides and FAQs for the journal process. As such this section is meant to give a high-level view of the process only.

The Reversal (FB08) process allows the user to select a previously posted journal and submit it for reversal

Screen 1 : Process code selection

The process code will guide the workflow and specific validations.

In this case the Reversal FB08 option should be selected

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Screen 2 : Reversal document selection

On the next screen you should enter the company code, document number and fiscal year of the document that you wish to reverse. Then press the “Select” button

The system will read the FI database and import the document as long as it obeys the following rules:

  1. The source document has not already been reversed
  2. The source document was originally posted using the Promenta solution

When the document is selected successfully you can now enter the reversal reason and reversal date.

You can also enter a Special Period (13-16) if you need to post the reversal in the special period for year-end activities. The posting date must also be in the final period of the fiscal year in this case (for example 31st December 2020)

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Screen 3 : Document Header

The Document Header screen shows the data from the source document (in the table) and also the new reversal information at the top of the screen

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Screen 4 : Summary screen

Note : There is no Document lineitem screen for the Reversals process

The Summary screen shows the new reversal data and the source document data along with other process-relevant information.

Reversals cannot be simulated – hence you can directly submit the request here

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Approver screens

Approver screens

The journal approvers see the same screens as above – however all screens are made display-only to preserve audit and integrity. On the final summary screen the approver see two new buttons – Approve and Reject

On final approval the document reversal is posted and the requester is informed.

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