User Guide (Excel upload)

Most customers will create their own corporate-specific end-user guides and FAQs for the journal process. As such this section is meant to give a high-level view of the process only.

Screen 1 : Process code selection

The process code will guide the workflow and specific validations

Screen 2 : Journal Upload

The user uploads their Journal and any additional attachments. A master data check will occur to ensure all master data (GL accounts, company codes etc) are valid.

Screen 3 : Document Header

The Document header that was uploaded is shown

Screen 4 : Lineitems

The lineitems from the journal are shown. The user can click on the “more detail” button to see all fields of the lineitiem in a popup

Screen 5 : Summary screen

This screen shows the request summary. It includes data such as the approval amount (used for workflow approvals)

The user must perform a simulation posting before they can submit the journal

Screen 6 : Summary screen after submit

The user has now performed a successful simulation and is able to submit the request.

Approver screens

The journal approvers see the same screens as above – however all screens are made display-only to preserve audit and integrity. On the final summary screen the approver see two new buttons – Approve and Reject

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